Monikka The Black Swan

Welcome to the first Community Thrive blog hop! This is a great opportunity to meet some talented artists.

Mystele Kirkeeng and Heather Santos invited us to do the monthly art challenge at Community Thrive with the following themes for March: One Word: Peace – Play With: Favorite Movie, Multiple Textures – Video Inspiration: by MitsiB, which I could not activate due to German GEMA Regulations. The projects of five artists will be shown in this blog hop. You will get the list of participants at the end of this post.

4 themes – my choice was doubtless: Favorite Movie. But which one. When I was thinking about the movies I know, I could not think of a possible image I liked to paint. This left me with the only solution – write my own story. So here you go:


Granville is a little town surrounded by farmland. The people there believe in hard labour, nourishing food and television as a cultural highlight. And they believe that everything has to be normal. No extravagant behavior. No thinking outside of the box.

One day, on the Miller´s farm, a little black cow was born with a little blue star on her butt. She was very cute and her name was Lisa. It showed very soon, that Lisa was a wee bit different from the other cows. She wanted to go outside and was exploring every corner of the farm. The farmer´s wife, Libby, did not care, as Lisa returned to the cowshed every night. Lisa´s mother soon refused to give her milk to this strange calf, so Libby took care of her. She fed her several times a day so Lisa was growing fast.

Soon she could look into the windows of the farm house and watch television with Libby. After a ballet matinee featuring Swan Lake, Lisa started to walk on her hind legs and moved her front legs quite elegant like she was dancing. Also one day Lisa told Libby, that her real name was Monikka, not Lisa like all the other cows in the shed.  How they communicated? No idea.

Libby was sure, Monikka is an extraordinary cow, not to be measured with Grandville standards. She was dancing and practicing all day until she was able to dance the part of the black swan in Swan Lake. She was so brilliant that even the New York City Ballet wanted to feature her in a special matinee. They wanted her to wear a tutu, but she said that would cover her pretty blue star and a cow in a tutu would look silly. Monikka has style – she wore a little crown instead and she had brown glitter on her eyelids! Oh, she was a beauty!


Posters were printed, announcements made, but then the catastrophe happened. Monikka, now grown up, got a terrible infection in her udder. The doctor reported, due to the constant movement, the milk turned into butter and caused the inflammation. He said, she was not allowed to dance anymore, because that could kill her.

Libby and Monikka were very, very sad, looked at the poster showing Monikka, the Black Swan and shed some tears together, because of that wasted talent and the wasted chance and that the poster did not show Monikka´s beautiful tail (it also showed some giant flowers, which they had never seen before – what does that mean?).  But every week they watched a ballet matinee on television and each one was dreaming the same dream…


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Please visit the following links to check out the awesome projects of the other artists. Have fun!

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Gabriele of Art-a-tag


19 Antworten zu “Monikka The Black Swan

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  2. Couldnt wait till the official start of the blog hop and took a sneak peak. I love the story and the cute cow, reminds me a bit of the children’s book adventures of Mama Muh, love it!

    • Yes, thank you Regina, you did comment already, I was a bit slow in „genehmigen“. Thanks for your nice comments. Where can I find Mama Muh?

  3. What a great story and it was happy right up to the picture.
    I really love your painting with Monikka dancing, showing her blue star, and the farmer’s wife, dog and cat looking on.

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