It isn’t easy to be a crafter!

This is my first card I made for a friend. After I compared it with a lovely card I got from Majo I must say, mine looks like an absolute beginners creation. It lacks the professional touch many cards have. Maybe it is because I don’t have the right material? Mine misses solid cardboard as base, I didn’t have that. BUT meanwhile I learned how to emboss – you know,  melting a special powder with a heat gun – gives your stamping a real boost! I so adore that effect! Well anyway, I did my best and the recipient liked it and grinned about the „secret“ message.


While doing this card I found out, that my passion is painting and working more loosely with stamps. When it comes to smooching and smearing, I feel at home. I also prefer not to make a concept – just see, what emerges and work on with that. If I don´t like it I go over it with paint or collage. When making cards you have to plan from the beginning and when you ruin it, it goes to the bin.

Those funny stamped quotes are from Rubber Dance – check it out, there is more cool stuff!

Take care and relax, have a nice cup of tea (or stronger 😉 )


3 Gedanken zu „It isn’t easy to be a crafter!

  1. Bibi at Rubber Dance

    I Love your card, Gabrielle! ❤ And I'm not just saying that because you have used my stamps 😉 Thank you that, though! They look great!! 😀 I know this is an unfamiliar way of working for you, and it's a really clean card – which can be quite difficult if you ask me! I like to smoosh and mess around with inks and paint on my cards 🙂 You've done really good with this and the embossing is fun, isn't it? 🙂
    Hugsssss ❤


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