Finished Memories

Welcome, welcome, step right in!! It is Wednesday, WOYWW day, where we visit each others all over the world, comfy snuggled in our chairs, sofas or where ever, because this all happens in our virtual world. This is like being beamed to another place without the discomfort of real travel. Have you ever thought of that????

Now that you are here, I show you what I am doing at the moment. As I finished the unfinished memories of last week with some more stamps from Rubber Dance, I am working on a new Art Journal page. I have no clue what it is going to turn out, I saw a face so far, maybe tomorrow I can see more. Maybe you see more already?


As some of you gave me the hint, that Unfinished Memories might be finished, I did not do anymore painting on the left side, I just completed the page with some more stamping. Voilà!


I must say, I like that grungy look! I am sure I will be doing more Art Journal pages by using more stamps.

By the way, there is still a sale at Rubber Dance, and a challenge, where you can win stamps. Check it out.

Hope to see you next week – on Christmas!! Take care


33 Antworten zu “Finished Memories

  1. I think art takes you where it wants you to go your journal page looks wonderful with all that grungy look plus you can use lots of everything and it only looks better 🙂 hugs Nikki 3

  2. I love your grungy but colourful journal pages and I think it’s great to just let it take you wherever it wants to go! Look forward to seeing how the next one turns out :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #28

  3. Love how both pages turned out, Gabriele! That grungy look is really cool, and of course I love that you have used my stamps! 😉 Thank you for showing us how YOU use stamps, quite differently than the stamping cardmakers among us, like myself. That’s one of the things I have always loved about rubber stamps: I never grow tired of stamping since they can indeed be used in so many different ways, combined with about one million different products or so, and the same amount of styles and techniques. Love it!!! ❤

  4. Nice seeing the hint of what might develop. Love that you are letting the journal take you where it wants. xox

  5. Such lovely art journal pages, I’m just getting into art journaling and love it! You’re very talented and the colours you use really bring the page to life!
    Georgie 35

  6. It’s really interesting to see the way your art journal is changing and progressing…I think you’ve captured Grunge!! I do admire people who create these pages because I wouldn’t have a clue where to start! Great use of colour too 🙂
    Thanks for all the lovely comments you’ve left on my blog this year,
    Sending Festive Hugs,
    LLJ 20 xx

  7. The page looks great! I struggle with grunge on my pages as I want everything to be clean and perfect and straight. Thanks for sharing your art with us 🙂 Happy WOYWW #25

  8. Beautiful journal pages…….I like grunge too!
    Thanks for stopping by Betsy this week and taking time to comment.
    Have a great week.

  9. That looks like a quirky bird in your first photo! (My post today is all about quirky birds, what a coincidence!) Loving your journal pages. I had a look at the shop links too! I have to really stop myself from buying anything until the new year, but I shall return! Some great stamps there! Happy WOYWW zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #24

  10. Your pages are fabulous gabrielle. Thanks for visiting my WOYWDW post today. You were asking about my journal – it is A4 in size and there are 26 pages so that I can use the front and back of each one for 52 weeks- that’s the plan anyway!!
    x catherine #32

  11. Love your journal pages, Gabriele. You are very talented. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am not too concerned about the colonoscopy as I’ve had one before – I have to have one every 2 years with my ulcerative colitis. The preparation for it is a bore and not pleasant, but I’m getting prepared already and made a large pot of clear chicken soup for the freezer today! I’ve also stocked up on orange jellies and jelly babies! My hubby will probably have to be in plaster for another 4 weeks at least, and if it still hasn’t healed, it may have to be pinned. All this time not being able to drive makes life very difficult for us all. He is being incredibly brave and practical about it all – very un-man-like lol!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #52

  12. Loving your journal pages, the bird is especially lovely. I often start a page and then leave it for a while and go back to it sometimes months later. I don’t like to rush the page and often end up doing something completely different to what I thought originally. Thanks for the visit to mine. Happy crafting, Angela x 31

  13. art is knowing when to stop! lovely pages- who needs clues when we have paint!
    thanks for visiting and your kind words.
    Robyn 7

  14. Sometimes it’s wonderful to just explore the possibilities and see where they take us. So far your journal pages are great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. 🙂

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #30

  15. Loving your art work. I find i look and then when I look again I see things i hadn’t noticed.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #34

  16. Fabulous page I love the face and yes I can see the face in the recent page to. I love faces and try to draw them as much as I can. Thank you for visiting yesterday Anita #51

  17. Hey Gabriele, thanks for your visit to my blog last week during WOYWW. It all got so crazy busy and I got upset by it all, so I didn’t visit ANYONE..swung by today to see what is going the journal pages, they are beautiful – I took a look at the unfinished versions too to see the before and after..your blog is full of beauty. Clairex

  18. Hi many thanks for visiting. Looks like you have been very creative in your journal this week – looking forward to getting back to my journal when Christmas is all done ! Ali #17

  19. I love the page you have finished and I think your face is fabulous. Yes, I can see a face in the new one too – hope it turns out as well as the other one.
    Hugs, Neet 22 xx

  20. Morning, thanks for dropping by my desk.
    You reach seemed to have conquered grunge, those pages are text book examples. Well done.
    Happy Christmas, and a peaceful new year.
    Chris #23

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