The Journey page 4

This is all about the QUEEN! Which means I must start accepting myself a an important person. Important to me. I must stop looking on my bad sides (including the looks into the mirror), rather look on the things I am good in, I have accomplished in my live. And believe me, there is always a lot, you are good in.

It is also about the inner voice that keeps you from doing your daily tasks, that sends you to get all kinds of lovely food with a lot of calories and so on. No one rules the queen!! Not even your inner voice (in german we call „innerer Schweinehund“), your weaker self. Tomorrow I show you my weaker self, that tortures me with pictures of cake, chocolate and all kinds of stuff, which only makes me fat.

The material and techniques for todays page:

I alway try to make the background first. I usually start with some gesso, that makes the paper thicker and stiffer and the watercolor does not sink in so easily and the colors are brighter. Than I sprayed some watercolor brown and violet and printed some green acrylic with a cardboard on the side. No plans just doing. Then I glued the photograph on the page, some newspaper, that was flying about and kitchenroll smeared with color (I keep these „dirty“ papers for collages) Then some stencelling (numbers), painting on the face and crown, stamping the borders and some writing (these pages were meant as a therapy for me) and doodling – thats it.



4 Antworten zu “The Journey page 4

  1. You are officially on my favorites!!! Love your blog! It is inspiriing to me!! Love seeing your work on Daisy Yellow too!!! I have to try the painting over pictures technique!!

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