The Journey page 5

My weaker self! It always wants to take over me. I accepted it does not want to harm me, it just has a different understanding of what is nice and good for me. And as I am not the sporty type, liking sweet stuff as cakes and ice cream, tends to become a little problem from time to time. So I have to think of a friendly way of getting rid of my weaker self.

I drew that pink figure some time ago and it perfectly fits into my picture of the „Schweinehund“ (Schwein = pig, Hund = dog). That was after I read Carla Sonheim´s book „Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun.“ I am taking online lessons at the moment, some results on flickr.

Background again is more or less spilled paint to start with. The creature is painted with acrylics crayon and marker. I cut it out and before glueing it to the background I adjusted background colors. Painting over and over, until I liked the result. Using a lot of crayon this time. Then stamping, stencils, writing. doodling. Thats it.



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