The Journey page 2 and 3

The pages belong together and they are about fear. My fear. I sometimes had unspecified fear attacks and I did not know where they came from. Mostly I felt them in my stomach, as a real pain. This became so bad, that I had to have an operation last year, where the gall-bladder was taken out: 13 big stones. So I trained myself by asking where the fear came from and why. And I could ask myself if that is bad enough to be afraid of, or maybe there is a solution. Like, when I am afraid of a new cancer, when there is some pain, I forced myself to go to the doctor and find out what it is. So I would not fear this anymore.

I took courses in all kinds of relaxing techniques to cool down. In other words I took care of my fears and as soon as I found out, what each bad feeling meant and where it came from, I could get rid of it.

That is why I marked the 3 areas in the figure, that is where my fear possibly is. You might have another feeling – find it out.

At the end this time of paralyzation was over and I could get into my sneakers and start into my own future.



2 Antworten zu “The Journey page 2 and 3

  1. I love all the symbolism in your pages. I have had panic attacks in the past. It took me a while to find where it was coming from too. I’m much better now. I’m glad your classes helped you with it.

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