Mail Art

I got mail!!!

Some days ago I received mail from EB. You would not believe how generous she is. I had to take 5 turns with the scanner to get it all!! I love it! Thank you so much EB!!



Today mail from Cheryl arrived! Isn´t it precious! Thank you so much Cheryl!

Cheryl Kopie



Mail Art – a wonderful thing (since I know the word thing, I can explain the whole world), but to be honest, I never really knew, what to send. I love tags, but I get bored, when it is always the same old thing.

So I thought I could go into my studio and see what has to be done. I found some 30×30 cm pieces, on which I tried out out structures with marble powder. You mix the marble (preferably white Carrara) with Caparol (an adhesive) and put it on either wooden board, canvas or thick paper (paper will always be a little bumpy) with a spatula. When I am spreading it on canvas or  wood, I work some oil in, this causes reactions like flaws or fissures. Working in some sand or ashes makes is even more expressive. I used a little sand on this one.

You can use all kinds of colours to finish it, I used black and white woodstain and oil color. And some white gel pen for little finishing doodles. As a complete picture I did not like it and had no idea how to finish it. So I cut it up into 15 x 10 cm pieces (postcard size) and they looked much better now. The only thing is, they came out a little crooked, as they where so hard to cut. But I think that does not matter – it is ART!

So these little pieces will be on their way soon…

MailAusschnitt IMG_0002


6 Antworten zu “Mail Art

  1. Very cool! Me too, sometimes I wonder what i should send, but only because there are so many possibilities!!! 🙂
    Cheers to your Art and to a nice weekend. Liebe Gruesse!

  2. great ideas .I have only been doing art journaling for a while. I am coming a bit obsessed with learning new things.Just starting to get art pen pals. thank you. I don’t have a website, so have added my pinterest link to my art journaling/altered art pinterest board.

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