Hell´s Kitchen

On this page I want to share some experiments and experiences I made with some material.

Alison made some Resin paper and as I do not know where to get that stuff here, I tried what I had.


I used kolophonium (picture above), which is a natural resin and is dissolved in spiritus. While using it you must avoid breathing the odour. I use it in a special room or outside. I applied it with a brush and one coat brought the following results.


I tried it with 2 different kinds of paper. The left paper is a very old thin paper and it gives very good results. The right paper is a normal 80 g copy paper. Result is not as good, but good enough to see a newspaper through. I tried it on a tag (meanwhile two tags) and I wanted to put in addition all kinds of writing and stamping on it, but when I pasted the picture on the tag, it was clear: less is more. I think you agree.


If you are interested, this is the place, where it happens. I call it hell´s kitchen or my lovely mess. The black stamps in front on the right hand side are cut from packing material. Very easy to make.



7 Antworten zu “Hell´s Kitchen

    • Haha, thank you, but you did not see the real messy corners! But when I am painting, I sometimes need such a lot of stuff, all at the same time, it just can´t be a tidy place. And thank you for liking the tag, I think I am on the track to something quite special. We´ll see. I will post progresses.

  1. Your mess is so organised Gabriele! Mine is just chaos! Thanks for letting us into your art world. 🙂

  2. Thanks Alice. I love workspaces too. There is soo much to see! My husband often comes into my studio and feels happy just by looking at my pigments (which are not in the photo)! Although I always seem to be searching something, which gets on my nerves.
    I like the resin papers too, and I made these 2 tags with them. And for a start I will be trying with more tags. I have some ideas… I like this fragile appearance.

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