This is the last WOYWW for this year and I don’t want to miss it. Welcome to my desk which is as – ahem – busy as always. It is an awful long time since my last post because this year I had so many health issues, I was unable to do something decent. I did take some courses though and worked outside with a little help from my friends.




The first class was by Gillian Lee Smith, a wonderful artist! I started drawing and I will continue, because there is so much more to learn… Just some examples to show what I learned so far:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

In August I started a class with Erin Faith Allen. A completely different program by also an awesome artist. This class is very challenging as it engages not only my drawing and painting skills, it demands my whole self:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.


Well, after all I was more productive than I thought. Although I had an eye operation in late November I even had energy enough to create some letter journal entries for Christmas.

I am now looking forward to the new year that will hopefully bring more health and energy and with a better eye sight easier creating. Hoping to see you early next year! Have a wonderful and Happy New Year!!



10 Antworten zu “WOYWW 395

  1. Goodness Gabrielle, I had no idea you’d been poorly…I hope the eye operation was a success and you get much better in 2017. Your classes have obviously worked as the artwork is excellent.
    Hugs, LLJ 11 xxx

    • Thank you Jane! The operation was a success and a great help. I am glad you like my artwork, as the classes were a real joy.
      Wish you a wonderful New Year 2017!

      Hugs xx

  2. Hi Gabriele, Hope the New Year brings health, happiness and loads of crafting.

    Love your projects.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #0

  3. So sorry to hear you’ve not been too well and hope the new year is better for you. Great post and loving your doggies. Sorry I’m a bit late getting to you just been a bit busy as I’ve had my parents visiting though I’m not complaining as it’s been lovely. Happy New year and happy belated woywwAngela xXx 6

  4. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, Gabriele, and I hope things improve for you. Your art is amazing – what superb drawings! You are very talented. Thank you for your visit and I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my album pages. Not too much more work to be done on them now, and I can start binding them into a book.

    Happy belated WOYWW and happy New Year and I agree – good health to us all!!
    Shoshi #26

  5. Thank you for your visit and leaving such lovely comments. Hope all continues well with your health. Love the portraits and and different albums. You have achieved a lot even though you were poorly. Great job.

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