Diva and WOYWW 323

This is an odd summer. Nothing really goes like I wanted it. The weather is giving me many problems (well, I suppose not only me). Since I have to take these cancer meds, the hot and humid summer is sort of paralyzing me. It sucks all the strength and energy out of me, that I need to create. My desk really, really is a complete mess. Here is the proof:


I started journaling again, but something else is drawing my attention. Her name is Diva. Incidentally I happened to come across a site of an organisation, that takes care of these poor doggies that are abused in breeding factories. You might have heard of it. They keep dogs in small cages, sometimes in complete darkness. They get hormon treatments, so they get babies 3 times a year, instead of two. Very often, they don´t get enough to eat, they get no medical treatment, they are just kept to produce babies.

It breaks my heart, when I think, what so called humans do to them, just for profit. This only works, because people buy puppies any places, but not from a responsible breeder or go to a shelter and adopt a puppy from there. What really impressed me is the work of the organisation „Liberty for Dogs“ or Retriever in Not. To get an impression of the things I am talking about you should have a look at their website.

Anyway I did and found Diva.


She is a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles and was all her life living in a cage and producing babies. It was love on first sight and very soon we could welcome her in our home. I am not telling any more, just have a look at the slide show and I am sure you will understand me. These are photos made in the shelter where she was in loving care. It is more a family situation than a shelter, where the puppies are been taking care of to relax and get stronger. Because living in a small cage makes them weak and many of them are in bad shape.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Now she lives at our place and is good friends with our Luna already:

DSCN1246wDSCN1240wNow you know, why I was a bit short on time for art. But I am sure little Diva will soon inspire me and next time I will come up with some results.

That is it for now, have some fun visiting some desks and have a wonderful creative time.




21 Antworten zu “Diva and WOYWW 323

  1. Congratulations with the new member of your family! ❤ I'm so glad that Diva was resqued from that awful place and now gets to live a happy life with people that loves her – and of course her new "sister", Luna, who loves her, too 🙂 I bet the two girls enjoy one another's company a lot – seems like it from the photos ♥
    Your desk looks interesting …. 😉 I look forward to seeing what you will make once you feel better and get your creative energy back.
    Big hug to you and a kiss on the nose to Diva and Luna ❤

  2. Some things are more important than crafting…and that gorgeous little dog deservedly needs your time more. How wonderful of you to give her a loving home….she looks so settled already!
    Sending you big hugs for being so wonderful 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

  3. How lovely – She looks SO happy in your home 🙂 Take care – I hope the weather gives you a break so you feel better (((Hug))) soon. Have a good week . Soojay 22

  4. Your time has been wisely spent and what lovely pictures to prove it! Such a sweet and beautiful new addition to your home! Enjoy!
    Glenda #29

  5. aawww Diva is beautiful and she looks so happy now to be in her new home. You take care of yourself as well and I hope you will both be feeling on top form very soon! :o) Annie C #34

  6. Hi Gabriele, I hope the treatment is not too gruelling,I know what you mean though. It leaves you so lacking in stamina, and I have found it hard to motivate myself to craft for weeks. Only now really getting back into it. Hoping all continues to go well for you, and I’m sure Diva will be a very happy dog with you all. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  7. What a beautiful little girl – she’s adorable, and so lucky to have found such a wonderful loving home. Well done for giving her a fresh start in life, I’m sure you’ll be having lots of happy times ahead with her. I almost forgot to say I love the journal pages – the effects you’ve done are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a good week, with a little more energy than last week!
    Diana #17

  8. We had a „puppy mill“ dog too. Our Mama Valentine Beagle. She escaped somehow and ended up on a friends shelter where she then came to us from Tennessee. She had a wonderful 6 years of freedom after all those of captivity. All our dogs are rescues, we feel it’s important. Did not know you had cancer issues. So sorry. Hope you are on the road to remission and recovery. Maybe your little Luna and now Diva will send their spirit dog energy to make you well. xox

  9. Oh she’s sweet..and small – but I guess living in a cage does that huh – how wonderful that you were able to rescue her, I bet she’s settling in really well. Heartwarming! I’m so sorry to read that the drugs are having horrid side effects…try not to fight against it..it will pass.

  10. Love your little dogs, glad they get along together, all the better for having a loving home and a friend too!
    Hope your mojo returns… If you have the heat, we’ve had the chill (coldest summer in 50 years in Finland!)
    Happy crafting, wouldn’t have known about RD if you hadn’t hinted about their challenge on a woyww comment in January… and now were (almost) on the same team, though I’m quite a novice at it 🙂
    Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #11

  11. Dear Gabriele, Thank you for your blog visit. Your new dog Diva is so adorable; she is lucky to have a home with you and your kind heart. I’m sorry you are not well and hope the weather and your health improve very soon. The pages of your open journal look full of possibilities. Best wishes and happy WOYWW from Laura #48

  12. Oh Gabriele what a darling little dog Diva is ❤ I swear that in every photo where she is looking straight at the camera, she is smiling 😀 I love the one where she is trying to get into the ball pit; very determined 😀 I hope you both enjoy each others company for many years to come ::-* {{Hugs}} xx

  13. Hi Gabrielle, I think Diva is a lucky girl to have found such a loving family and she looks really happy too. Hope you are feeling better soon. The journal pages are looking good too. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 24 xXx

  14. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! How lovely! What a super thing to do, Diva is one lucky dog. Well done.

    have a good week

    Bishopsmate #44

  15. Bless you! I cannot watch the video at the moment, too upsetting but I will do later. I had a Blenheim and he was quite honestly the love of my life. He followed me everywhere and when I went to stay with a friend (she bred CKC’s) he attached himself to me – so I bought him there and then.
    You have done a wonderful thing in saving that little darling,, now thanks to you a better life is ahead for one of those doggies.
    Hugs & Thanks for your earlier visit – Neet 19 xx

  16. Such a cutie Diva is and you’re a beautiful woman for taking her in… the ‚mess‘ (it’s happy mess, so I don’t count it as mess) on your desk is colourful and inspiring… I’m sure you come to create in the future again. The weather is indeed giving me trouble too… I don’t like that hot, humid either as I am in the menopause… non-stop heat flashes make the warm days hard…. (I might try ‚dripping in my art journal‘ though… ha!) Happy woyww and a warm hug from sunny Holland. Marit #36

  17. Gabriele, Diva is simply adorable! Well done rescuing her from such a horrible place, and giving her a loving home! Your journal pages are so beautiful… I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from cancer meds too. Like you I am not good in the heat, but fortunately it has been very pleasant where we are – warm but not too hot. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for your visit and your good wishes for my chemo – #5 tomorrow.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  18. Thanks for visiting earlier and sorry for the late reply. I did say we were going away for a few days.
    Diva is sooo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing her with us.
    Have agood week,

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