I love spring…

…but it gives me backaches! I haven´t done much art the last weeks, because we had a lot to do in the garden (like every spring). As a result of that I did not have much energy left – so not mojo, no art. But the colours of spring really make me happy…


if there wasn´t that weary backache! Well I did a little more than just plant this little pot. My hubby built a new shed and pulled out some scrubs under the oak tree to make a path wider. And I did some digging and planting. See for yourself:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

So now we can start thinking about BBQ and leaning back and enjoying. I like how it turned out. And what does Luna mean or should I say moan? „What did you do with that Easter Bunny??“


Another thing makes me very happy – by the end of the week I will finally hold „A World of Artist Journal Pages“ in my hand and see my Journal Pages printed in that great book!! I am super excited!! It feels super to be part of it.

book cover


Yesterday I worked on some tags, just playing around with the Gelli plate and some colours, just to do something. When my muse is gone, I can only do small projects. It makes me nervous, when I don´t go to the studio for 1 or 2 days. Sounds, like I am addicted, hm – might be. Well here they are:




I am not sure, if they are finished yet, but these small projects give me inspirations for following projects. It feels good, when my hands are covered with paint! Btw, the hearts are stamps by Rubber Dance – cool, aren´t they?

Happy painting and see you soon!!






19 Antworten zu “I love spring…

  1. I hope your aching back is better soon, but I’m sure you will think it worth it, as your garden is fabulous Gabriele and you have the perfect seating for relaxing and entertaining 😀 I hope you get lots of fine weather with which to enjoy it all 😀
    Your tags are awesome 😀 the wee bit of the chevron pattern showing on the first tag looks like the tip of a feather to me 🙂 I really enjoyed all the layers you created on them all 😀

  2. Your garden is looking good.
    Love these abstract tags with the lovely patterns and colours. I don’t think your Muse is gone if she is helping you to make these wonderful tags, perhaps she is liking smaller pieces just now.

  3. Very fun tags and sweet primulas in the garden. Puppy face of course gets a smooch. I know what you mean about needing to be in the studio. I get downright cranky if I go too long. xox

  4. Hope your mojo realizes there’s no place like home and returns! Happy woyww anyhow 🙂
    Kristiina #14

  5. Hi Gabriele, so much to do at this time of the year! I would love a cuddle from your companion. The book, fantastic news, well done you.
    Love the tags too. Happy woyww, Angela x 23

  6. Your garden looks so lovely!! I know it doesn’t happen by itself and you have both done a great job. I look forward to sitting together with you on that cozy deck some day … 🙂 I also look forward to receiving the book in which your art is featured! I ordered it from Amazon some weeks ago. SO cool that your art is published! 😀

  7. WooHOoo!! congrats on appearing in the Art Journal book, well done you. Those tags look stunning and your garden is really really beautifu, though I can see how much work it must take to keep it like that. Hope you have time to enjoy it in the spring sunshine :o) Annie C #57

  8. gorgeous tags and so exciting about the book. I’ll be on the lookout. I have an Amazon gift certificate burning a hole in my account…. 🙂

    Happy late in the day WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (9)

  9. WOW! You have been busy. Loving your garden. Luna is adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Sue

  10. You have been busy Gabriele but it will all be worth it when you are sitting having your BBQ enjoying looking back at all your done.
    I adore spring and your artwork looks great.
    Enjoy your beautiful spring colours

  11. congrats on the publication Gabriele – my art is in the book too but I haven’t got it (yet) either… can’t wait to flip through it and see all my artsy blogsy friends featured in there! I love how your garden turned out – I rearranged my balcony last week but that is not as much work as making a garden ‚Summer-ready‘ (I know, I had a garden in my former house.) I hope the sun will shine soon as we experience grey and rather cold(er) days lately..

  12. I love gardens that are bright and cheerful they are so pretty, hope your back feels better soon. Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 8

  13. Wow, that is a varied blog. I enjoyed reading it and looking at the photos of your garden, meeting your dog, and feeling very proud that you have had your journal pages published! Well done!
    Thanks for visitng,
    Have a great week,

  14. Beautiful tags, your garden will be so worth it in the summer…the primula are gorgeous now!! We’re almost ready to plant annuals…the weather might call for it to be done early!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Lovely spring colour and some beautiful tags.

    Congratulations of getting your marvellous pages in print too.


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