Hello dear WOYWW friends, welcome to my place. After some miserable days weather wise it starts getting better and the sun is shining again. I did no spring clean, but kind of an inventory of my „treasures“. And I „found“ this awesome box of pastels. I always wanted to get me some Pan Pastels but the price kept me from buying them. Well these pastel sticks cost about 10 percent of the Pan Pastels. So I gave it a try and was excited about the vibrancy of the colours and the chalky grip . I have to try out a lot more with that cool stuff. I will show what develops.


When I sit at the computer I sometimes get company from birds, cats, mice and sometime this little fellow. He eats what the birds threw out of the bird feeder.


Now off you go to visit all the other participants of this cool worldwide blog hop. Have fun and I hope to see you soon!




20 Antworten zu “WOYWW 305

  1. Now that sort of find is called Serendipity! Finding something you din’t know you’d lost! Lovely range of colours and I love that you journal page…proof indeed that sticks are as effective as pan when it comes to pastels..indeed, with a stick, you don’t need an applicator!

  2. oooh Gabriele I love that picture you’ve made with the pastels, it looks wonderful – I think I have some of those tucked away somewhere, must have a little play. Great photo too, we love to watch the wildlife in our garden too – but our squirrels aren’t so polite, they don’t wait for the birds to drop stuff, they get up there and swing from the feeders by their back legs to get it! We don’t mind though, it keeps us entertained! :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #30

  3. Hi Gabriele, oooww I love what you have done with the pastels – I have some in a drawer somewhere so should get them out and experiment. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#25

  4. I LOVE working with pastels, and you’ve done an amazing job on that magical piece you’re working on. I also enjoy watching out the window next to my desk for little critters too. Happy WOYWW! #37

  5. I have some 20+ year old pastels I should crack open and use in my art journal. I’ve not used them in a very long time, probably 10 years. So thanks for the push to use them.

  6. It’s great to ‚find‘ something you forgot you had! They look great those pastels. I also have found a large box of oil pastels but I haven’t used them yet.
    I love the photo of the squirrel. It is a red squirrel, which in the UK are almost extinct. There are only grey squirrels and they are a pest. Lucky you to have red squirrels.
    Have a good week,

  7. Hello, Gabriele, I really like your artwork with the interesting patterns and bright colors. I have a box of pastels, too, which were hidden away in a drawer. I need to play with them sometime. Happy WOYWW from Laura #55

  8. Love the pastels and the journal page is great, such a fun page.
    I have only seen a red squirrel once many years ago, the grey squirrels have all taken over here.
    Happy woyww, Angela x 24

  9. Well, those pastels were a good find! The colours are fantastic as is your artwork, love what you’ve done with them.
    And the squirrel pic made me smile, they’re such cute animals, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing it 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

  10. Finding forgotten supplies is the best although the pan pastels are great sometimes they are really expensive, I get mine at an art supplier it is much cheaper than the card, stamping shops. I hope you have many more hours of fun playing. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 5

  11. I love your art journal page – what fabulous and vibrant colours from those pastels. The squirrel is so cute – I do love them – we get mainly grey squirrels over here and I don’t think they are as pretty as the reds. Thank you so much for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #21

  12. So many options when it comes to art journaling. I have acquired (over the years) pastels and chalks and really need to figure out how to add them to my pieces. I hear what you say about the Pan Pastels. I have an introductory set and have not really learned to use them properly. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing
    Pat #54

  13. Ah red squirrel, we have them too, chatty aren’t they. Trying to straighten up my art space too. xox

  14. What a beautiful page, Gabriele – the pastels are certainly lovely colours. Thank you for your lovely comment while I was in hospital, and I really appreciate your good wishes. The bears really helped! I am very happy to be home now and my recovery is going well. Now I am nearing the end of replying to the numerous marvellous comments from all my friends around the world, I am about to update my blogs with news.


  15. Your pastel houses are wonderful 😀 I would like to live in a street like that 😀 Your bird is fabulous also, but i’m afraid I would not like to live where such a large creature lives, I would be scared it would eat me 😀 haha.
    Lovely vibrant work Gabriele 😀 😀 xox

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