my little red book

Tomorrow the Easter holiday season starts. But I am not posting eggs and Easter bunnies. When I saw in TV a report about people´s habits on Easter, I wondered. Now it is not only Christmas, people are in stress about what presents to give their beloved, now it is extended to Easter. Sweets is not enough, we have to buy toys and all kinds of other goods. Hmm, why do we have to do that? Do you have an answer?

Anyway, while thinking about that I found the perfect quote that would fit into the Art-Journal-Journey challenge. A double page in my little red book:


I like to use old newspaper for gelli prints and collage them. The spiral, the figure and the quote are made with Rubber Dance stamps.

I wish you a very happy Easter, celebrated the way you enjoy most. Have some lovely days!

See you soon



9 Antworten zu “my little red book

  1. We just spend Easter with days off from work, eating long and lovely meals with friends and family. Usually, I give some flowers to the hostess, but I often do that anyway, all year ‚round. I think it’s up to everyone whether they want to buy gifts or not, but I’m sure the stores appreciate it if we do 🙂 After all, sales are what they make a living from. Anyway, so cool that you used that sentiment stamp right now – fits right in with what you think about the „buying pressure“ out there. Less is more, right? 😉
    Cool spread – nice combination of stencils and stamps. Love the old newspaper on Gelli plate! ♥
    Happy Easter to you and your beloved ones ❤

  2. Ganz tolle Journalseiten und Spruch! Ich weiss auch nicht warum Konsum Heute so wichtig ist, Glück kann man nicht kaufen. Dir ein schönes Osterfest, GLG, Valerie

  3. Gabriele, Deine Seiten gefallen mir sehr! Das Rot und Grün zusammen find ich toll! Ich wünsche Dir frohe Ostern! Liebe Grüße, Susanne.

  4. deine seiten sind klasse,ich kann auch nicht verstehen das kosum so wichtig ist,glück kann man nicht kaufen.
    schönes osterfest für dich.

    glg jeannette

  5. deine Doppelseite gefällt mir sehr, schönes grafisches layout!
    Ostern ist bei uns komplett unkommerziell, es sind ein paar Urlaubstage und die kinder kommen heim, das ist schön. aber das mit dem zunehmenden Konsum verstehe ich auch nicht, hab es allerdings auch gar nicht mitbekommen…

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