Tadaaaaa WOYWW 300!!!!!!

Congrats Julia!! That is quite a number!

Dear visitor, if you are wondering, you just stumbled into What´s On Your Workdesk Wednesday number 300, an international blog hop hosted by Julia Dunnit. A big fat thank you to you for your time and effort you put into this successful project, where we visit each other to spy what we have on our workspaces on Wednesday. So now you are here I show you mine:


As you can see, I am working on 2 journals. Not much I can say about that, I have to see, what I am going to do with them. The bigger one might be almost finished, we´ll see.

I am going to reveal one of last weeks secrets, which is for the monthly colour challenge over at Rubber Dance, lots of time to participate and win a pile of stamps 🙂 . Here is my entry. I had a friend on mind, who had a cancer operation lately and those of us, who have the same problem know what we need.


I used a cool stamp „Herbal Text“ to give structure to the background as I pressed the stamp into the wet paint, so it lifts up some paint and shows the black paper and also some leaves from the sheet „I love leaves“. All stamps by Rubber Dance.

Thanks for your visit and see you soon!




28 Antworten zu “Tadaaaaa WOYWW 300!!!!!!

  1. Congratulations with WOYWW #300! That’s over 5.5 years of doing this! How long have you been doing this workdesk blog hop, Gabriele?

    I love your painting and I sure hope our mutual friend has her hopes high! When I first saw this painting and the „unfinished“ word, I read it as „hope unfinished“, but then I started to read the two words apart. Hope is already there, and the bird is waiting for good news … that’s the unfinished part of it. Well, we interpret things we see differently, what matters is that your painting is lovely and that we must have hope that our friend will get cured from that nasty cancer!!! I hope she can keep her hopes up, stay optimistic and strong ❤

  2. Hi Gabriele, you are so right, hope is the thing that keeps us all going even in the toughest times. I hope your friend is doing well, and that her op was successful. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #27 xx

  3. What a wonderful journal page full of HOPE! It is something ALL of us need more of, even those of us that are healthy. Thanks for the share and for the comment earlier on my blog.
    Krisha #2

  4. I love that Hope Unfinished piece…so full of cheeriness and optimism. I hope your friend was uplifted by it. Thank you for your friendship and support..happy 300th WOYWW,
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  5. I totally agree (about hope I mean). Lovely page. You are so creative!
    Now back to packing my suitcase,
    have a great week,
    thanks for visiting earlier,

  6. I HOPE everything turns out well for you, your friend and this really rather lovely orange duck with worried purple eyes. It’s a lovely piece.

  7. Love the journals but best of all is the orange bird, she has such gorgeous eyes. Hope you have a good week and happy woyww, Angela x 42

  8. A beautiful piece for your friend with cancer. Going through this myself at the moment, I know that this will have encouraged her. Hope is what we need!

    Thanks for your lovely comment – and I’m sorry you also had to go through the trauma of a last-minute cancellation of your surgery. What they don’t seem to realise is the effect this has on us! I am hoping nothing like that happens again on the 18th because I don’t know if I could deal with it happening again – I was practically climbing the walls! I am determined to enjoy the next fortnight and do normal things as much as possible.

    Happy 300th,
    Shoshi #45

  9. I adore your beautiful journal page. It is so uplifting, as is hope in general. The background is simply stunning. Of course, I love birds, so that made me happy, too.

    In your comment you left me, you asked how many Kings and Queens there were,. There are 40 and probably even more consorts (wives or husbands of the King or Queen). So that means at least 80, and probaby more, pages I will have to create.

  10. Thanks for the wwoyww means and congrats on #300. Love your hope bird-I do understand -I work in that field. I look forward to exploring your site. gabriele

  11. i looked around at your blog.
    most inspired I`m from your sidebutton queen of imperfect. That are artworks I like.
    People who think that they are perfect, of those we have mor than enough.
    Need the encouraged ones. You are one of them!
    Herzlich Pippa

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