A little requiem for a dear friend

A very dear friend of ours left us forever a few days ago. He died the night before his birthday.  Sometimes I paint, when I am very emotional. These are not always the best paintings. I don´t judge, if this is good or not, I just had to do it.

This time I wanted to do an art journal page for DLP 2015. The prompt was:  „Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough!“ (Ooh) . As I usual work with layers I thought this page might become an inch thick before I want to stop. So I started glueing some stuff from my desk on the page without thinking and put some colour on it. I definitely needed red. Then I leaned back and had a look:


This friend was a musician (the notes), I want to believe he is in heaven (the stars), and he is happy now (tanzt – German for (he) dances) and he lived in Germany. At this moment I saw his friendly face smiling. What happened there. I don´t know. I went on with more colour and collage elements.


Now I did some stamping and some more colour and some doodling and some little collage pieces. The brown paper with the spiral stamps on it came from Rubber Dance with the new stamp sheets Round in Circles and I Heart Art. Very cool for Mixed Media artists. The Sentiment and the vague to see figure are from the sheet Collage Mix – tons of lovely images and text on there. Finally I came up with this:


I will never forget about you, dear friend!



8 Antworten zu “A little requiem for a dear friend

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss, dear Gabriele. It sounds like you found some comfort in making this page for him. Expressing our feelings through art can be quite powerful and help us deal with sorrow, to some degree at least. I like the symbolism you have used, and I hope your friend continues to smile to you … ❤ Warm hug from me.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss (hugs) This is a fitting tribute, from one artist to another. I’m sure he was guiding your heart and will be watching and loving you from above 🙂
    Thinking of you at this sad time ((hugs))

  3. Beautiful tribute to your friend. When I lost my Mom, it took a long time but I did a painting about her cancer and it helped so much. Feel what you feel and express it always, He is surely looking at you and smiling that you honored him in this way. xox

  4. Liebe Gabriele, Euer Verlust tut mir sehr leid. Deine Seite gefällt mir total. Das Rot bringt so viel Wärme. Sie ist überhaupt nicht düster und das bringt Hoffnung!

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