My Mojo???

I seem to be followed by beasts at the moment. This still belongs to my journal project, working title junk journal. Also used underpaper and this little guy emerged. I believe, he is my MOJO, because he is friendly and strong. I am not sure, if there will be some sentiment, we will see.


Some photoshop play puts some interest to it.


Here is a cut out of a figure that appeared and I just outlined with pencil. Doesn´t it look like a male sitting there? It was all there…

mojoauschnittOf course I used some Rubber Dance stamps. The awesome vintage writing and the numbers next to my Mojo are stamped. I like these little accents like the dot on the i.

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15 Antworten zu “My Mojo???

  1. I love your friendly beast of a Mojo 😀 And the man leaning at the side was the first thing I spotted, with his hand in his pocket and little ear on the side 😉 Your clever use of photoshop adds a whole new look to the piece :)) I have enjoyed seeing this piece 😀

    • Thank you Mo! Photoshop adds some interesting styling to the pieces somehow. Not always…
      I was so excited, when I found that little man, this was a cool thing to happen. 🙂

  2. Love your „Underpainting Beast“, yes he looks quite friendly and I also love the man who is sitting casually top leftt. Very nice use of stamping and photo-editing too and great colours on your page.

  3. Klasse mystische Seite, aber lustig und einladend zugleich! Und ja die Stempel bringen alles zusammen und wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen, hihi 🙂 Super Gabriele, man sieht, dass Du Spass hattest beim Malen 😉

  4. danke für’s Verlinken zu AJJ—- hab mich nicht
    fragen getraut ob Du das nicht vielleicht noch linken magst ..ts….
    ( hab ne schüchteren Phase anscheinend…lol)

    Liebe Größe

  5. Your underpaper is more interesting than any art I’ve made in ages, that’s for sure! Like I’ve said before, I’m impressed at what you can find hiding, being it beasts or mojos or people or adorable animals. I really like that person sitting there with his hands in his pockets! 🙂

  6. Thank you Bibi, most underpaper is very interesting. I love to work with that „technique“ because it gives me surprising characters, I would never have created with a brush only. ❤

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