Welcome dear friends to my studio on this gray Wednesday. It is WOYWW again and I must say, the last week passed so quickly and was packed with all kinds of things I am not really fond of doing, like numerous doctor visits and a lot of office work. I am late here, because I did not want to join but then I could not resist 🙂 and here I am. The usual untidy workspace with some new projects to come – I will not talk about until next week – I am just gathering stuff, to see, what I can do.


My new projects will use some of the new Rubber Dance stamps, that is what I can tell you so far. They are in the mail and I can hardly wait. New stamps always bring a lot of excitement. Yay!! And I might use some of the finished backgrounds. But as I am working very intuitive I am not precisely planning ahead. I still have the stencil on the table where I created the hair of the lady on my DLP week 4 Art journal page. Using a stencil makes it more unique I feel, but there are many ways to paint hair…


I hope you like her. Now off to visit all the other interesting places you can find on stamping ground

Have fun and see you soon.



22 Antworten zu “WOYWW 295

  1. That is a fantastic page Gabriele! I love the sentiment and your paining is beautiful, very artsy! I’m glad you decided to join in the end! Thanks for your visit earlier! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle

  2. I love the painting, such bright colours and a great idea to use the stencil for the hair.

    Jan S no 50

  3. Love your DLP page! Great idea to use a stencil for her hair. The sentiment is nice too. My page for that week is about texting (its on my blog one post back I think if you want to see) Can’t wait to see your next page 🙂 Shel#55

  4. That stencil is awesome and how clever of you to use it for the lady’s hair, it looks fabulous 😀 Her face is lovely and all the textures are inspiring. I love the sentiment you used; your writing is excellent 😀 😀 x

  5. I love the way you used the swirl stamp to make her curly hair, very creative. Nice painting!

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #24

  6. Oh, the lady is quite beautiful, Gabriele, and the stencil works so perfectly for her hair! What a great idea. I agree with the sentiment too – words of support from friends near and far, known and never met, can mean the world of difference to how you feel.
    Sending big hugs to you, my friend,
    LLJ 20 xxxx

  7. Really love your page – the idea of the stencil for her hair works SO well ! Clever you ! Still have to make my page as was away this weekend ! Ali#21

  8. Another great piece of art from one of my favorite artists and persons! ❤ Like everyone else, I love her curly stencilled hair! Isn't that what your own hair looked like when you were younger? (Maybe not blue…) I have this vague memory of having seen an old photo of you with dark, curly hair. But anyway – love the painting, the color combination, her green eyes, and, of course, the text you have written on there ❤ I hope your new stamps will arrive very soon – I can tell you this much: they are super cool! 😉 *hugs*

  9. I really like your Journal page especially love the idea of stamping her hair, I hope you don’t mind I think I will try this one. Yes it is my dylusions journal I got it last year and couldn’t bring myself to use it and thought next year I will get a start on it and do all the things I have wanted to do, it has been a long time coming to use this journal and I am really glad I have. Try and use yours you will not regret it at all.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Happy WOYWW 45

  10. Hi Gabriele, hope you’re dong ok with all your doctor visits, and I am glad you are able to squeeze in some creative time, it’s so good for the soul I think. Love your DLP page, what a great way to create the hair. See you next time :o) Annie C #63

  11. What a beautiful page, Gabriele – I so love the sentiment, especially as the kind words from all my friends around the world mean so much to me as they support me during my current difficulties. Your imaginative use of a stencil for hair is brilliant! I love it!!

    Thank you for your very kind comment. I am sorry you have had to go through cancer, and waiting for the all clear must be terribly hard each time it happens… I am finding this limbo period quite difficult to deal with as it’s putting up barriers to me doing anything constructive and I can’t settle to anything till we know exactly what we’re dealing with. We’re setting off in half an hour for my CT scan.

    I am so glad you like my embroidery! Funny about the water pipes. Whenever I do a search for shi-sha, always trying to source a good cheap bulk supply of the tiny mirrors (no success so far!) I come up with results for the se pipes so I have to remember to tell the search engine to ignore them lol!! I haven’t had anybody else remarking on them – most people have never heard of shi-sha in any shape or form! I wonder why the mirrors and the pipes both have the same name…

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #48

  12. I am totally loving your painting of the girl with the heart.

    Hope you get a break from doctors visit and get plenty of crafting time.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #61

  13. Love the page for Dlp… Such a fab use of the stencil. Thanks for the visit earlier in the week… I am late moseying round the blogs this week!
    Thanks for sharing
    Catiecuddles #71

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week! I’m a bit late getting round to everyone… still, I’m here now. Love the artwork on your desk.


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