Very old masters

This is a really playful page, where I just tried out several techniques. I glued a piece of a cleaning rag into my Art Journal, covered it with thick white paint and stamped into the wet paint, also using punchinella.

Then I spritzed some ink, added some water and blotted the excess ink. Some more stamping with Stazon inks and a question I think about quite often with quill and ink.


The stamps are images from a rock carving site in Norway I visited last year. Here you can see the originals in a little slide show. Prehistoric art is so fascinating, I really adore it, because it works so well in modern art, it is timeless. But make up your mind.

I am posting this page at Art Journal Journal, because these where the oldest masters I saw in original. If anybody is interested in this cool stamp set, at Rubber Dance you can find it.

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10 Antworten zu “Very old masters

  1. This is so cool, Gabriele! I passed the rock carving site today when I was out driving with a friend, so I thought of you and our daytrip there … Good times! I can never get enough of rock carvings! Love the colors on this one. Thank you!! ❤

  2. Like your rock carving images very much. The rag must make the page so great to play one and craggy like a rock. xox Corrine

  3. Love to see your playful page. It’s intriguing to see the cave people and creatures and patterns. I agree – pre-historic and modern art combine so well.

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