First WOYWW 2015

Happy New Year dear WOYWW friends! This is the first worldwide trip 2015 touring workspaces. Actually it is a blog hop, but after some time you get to know people and places and to me it seems more like visiting friends.

This time, there is not much to see, just some new supplies, I can’t wait  to play with. I want to do some more stamping and needed some more ink pads with new colours.


I started a new challenge though, you can see it on yesterdays post. It is The Documented Life Project 2015 – The Journal. Does anyone follow this project?

I wish you a lot of  fun visiting all the other desks and hope to see you again!



27 Antworten zu “First WOYWW 2015

  1. I’m doing the DLP too! There are a few other deskers doing it as well! Hope to see you in the Facebook group! Enjoy your new pads! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #27

  2. Ooh, lots of lovely and interesting things on your desk – I hope you have fun with your new stash. Have a great week and enjoy your new challenge,
    Diana #50

  3. You’re right – it IS like meeting up with friends for a coffee and chat! You’e got a busy desk going on there, mine is shameful, just covered in stuff that I’ve got to put away!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  4. Oh, such fun things to play with!!! Not doing DPL, but know many that are.

    Thanks for visiting Betsy and me this week.
    Krisha #12

  5. You have some beautiful new pieces to play with on your desk. I am in awe of your new stamp pads, even though I’m not really much of a stamper.

    Yes, I’ve heard of the DPL, and many of my friends played last year. Some invited me to join, but I simply don’t have the supplies or the journal you need to work in this project.

    Happy belated New Year and happy WOYWW from # 2. And thanks, too for the earlier visit.

  6. It’s a lovely way to keep in touch with old friends and make new ones too. You have a wonderful looking desk there, I think I could have some fun with all those inks and paints.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.
    hugs Lisax #26

  7. Lovely collection of goodies on your desk. I can see a couple of other woyww are also doing the DLP I am sure it will be a wonderful journal when complete.
    sandra de @14

  8. OOh I find your desk a real inspiration. I really like that stencil, I can see you using that a lot. Good luck with your new challenge, I’m not in any doub that you’ll really enjoy it!

  9. I always start projects like that with the best of intentions but never seem to follow thru – life just gets in the way, I move on to other interests or go thru a yarn or fabric phase, and end up feeling I let myself down. Silly, really, cause I enjoy having a lot of different things to play with, but every year I think „Ths will be the year I…“ and then…I don’t 🙂 I’m sure you will do better and I’ll enjoy seeing it unfold. Oh and the tape player? a Sony, which is probably why it is still working after all these years 🙂

    Happy First WOYWW of 2015!
    Mary Anne (15 – just a lucky coincidence)

  10. Hi Gabriele, Happy WOYWW. I love your desk, all ready to get messy and creative. I love your journal too, and I would have failed the first task by now. I would love to do a journal, waiting for one to grab me!
    Cazzy #89

  11. ooh, some lovely stuff on your desk (as usual)…off to check out the project in your previous post.
    Thanks for visiting my blog already

    Kyla #13

  12. Hi Gabriele, seems we are getting in the supplies for a good year of crafting, I have an order too. Have lots of fun and thanks for visiting my desk RobynO#31

  13. Hi Gabriele thanks for visiting ! Alles bestes fur die neue Jahr ! Hope you have great fun with your new stash ! Do show us what you get up to ! Ali #21

  14. Hi Gabriele, thanks for the visit, I have sent you a message by email too. All those new goodies, what fun you will have. Angela x 39

  15. I love your desk and I am so envious of it, all that mixed media stuff to play with, I really do need to get my act into gear.

    Thanks for visiting,

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #78

  16. Love your busy and inky desk, looks like your going to have fun! I’m in the DLP too, haven’t done anything yet, because I’m waiting to receive the gesso I just ordered. I happened to have the journal already in use, and I’m telling myself it would be ok to just do part of the DLP- pages… Learning new tech and getting inspiration, what could be better!

  17. Lovely crafty space and goodies you have there : D. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier in the week. You asked what sort of glue I used on my unmounted stamps.

    I use Tacky glues. Glues that stay tacky after they have dried (turned from white to clear, and I wait for at least two hours after they turn clear to use them). Club Scrap sells „Unmounted Glue“, Alleene’s Tack It Over and Over glue, and I think Tombows Multi-use glue would work also (but I’ve never tried it for this purpose).

    I’m also going to try this for my cing stamps that just don’t cling anymore. #72

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