My First post 2015

At the beginning of the year it is the start for many challenges. I decided to dig into The Documented Life Project 2015 – The Journal. This will keep me busy the whole year – not that I am bored. 🙂 But it is always inspiring to work on a challenge with many people, so many new ideas!  I really like journaling, so I thought it could be fun.

As I have a big stash of at least 50 year old vintage photo albums, I used the prettiest one with a real leather cover in bright red!! As my work of the year is sparkle, this is a good start. Isn´t it beautiful?


The Assignment was to use book pages (or anything printed) and be your own goal keeper. Well everyone has good intentions at the beginning of the year, right? Artwise I have many and I keep them under a flap, so only I could see the list. By the way, Bibi Lindahl made the tag, I used for it, I love it so much and was glad to find a good place for it.

I made a little slide show to show all the steps I used. Covering the pages with mostly newspaper and some scraps from the desk, then I gessoed the pages and started building layers with  acrylic paint, using stencils, some printed delicate paper, and some stamped images on delicate paper. I could have stamped directly, but the background is not totally even and when I want the stamped images to be crisp I use delicate paper and then glue it to the page. Normally I do not use glitter in my works, but with a word like SPARKLE it was a must. I embossed some stars and the sentiment „Don´t let anyone ever dull your sparkle“ which was just perfect for this page as well as these cheerful „Celestial Dancers“ dancing with the sun, the moon and stars. Makes me want to dance just by looking at them! YAY!!!! If the year goes on as this page suggests it will be grand!

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

I think this was a good start into the year and really am looking forward to more of this challenge, so far it was a lot of fun. Here is the completed page:


The stamps I used can be found at Rubber Dance

I will also show this post at Moo Mania, because it has a lot of dots on it 🙂

See you soon




15 Antworten zu “My First post 2015

  1. What an excellent start Gabriele 😀 How opportune that you have lots of books to choose from that you can work in 😀 I like the slideshow, it is useful to see how your page came to life. That tag is pretty cool huh, and fits in perfectly 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing more in your lovely DLP book 😀
    I have a missing muse, so if you see it around, please send it right back, I haven’t created anything for days and days 😦
    Hugs 😀 x

    • Thank you so much Mo! Such a lovely comment, you just made nice dreams possible 🙂 As for your muse – I asked her for a little support, as mine lies in bed with my cold, lol! When she has time I send her home 😀

  2. What a lovely, sparkly start of the year, Gabriele! 🙂 I love your word for 2015! I’m still looking for my word … I’m sure it’ll turn up sooner or later. I’ve found that having a word is really helpful.
    I like the slide show – it’s a good way to show your process, and it’s fun to get a peek of how you work, layer by layer. So nice that you used my tag! I’m honored to have a piece included in your journal. Love the way you used my stamps, too 🙂 Those dancers seems to be such fun loving women, celebrating day and night. „Dancing with the stars“…and with the sun and the moon! I look forward to seeing what you’ll do next for your DLP journal. Hugs ❤

  3. Das wird ein spannendes, aufregendes Jahr wenn ich so schöne Seiten zu sehen kriegen werde in Deinem tollen Vintage Documnted Life Book!
    Wunderschön gemacht und auch toll dass wir den Werdegang sehen können mit der Fotoshow!
    Eine einzigartig schöne Doppelseite und ich freu mich riesig dass Du sie mit uns bei Moo Mania & More teilst!
    Dankeschön Gabriele!
    Liebe Grüße und Wünsche von

  4. Love your new page in the DLP journal Gabriele! Nice slide show showing us how you built it up. Can’t wait for Saturday till the next challenge!

  5. What a good idea Gabriele to use old photo albums. Thank you for showing the process in a slide show.
    I’m working on mine too. But as I am new to this business of mixed media (and have never wielded a paint brush) and the freedom of the artform is quite overwelming, I’m taking it easy.
    Have a great week,

    • Thank you Lisca! These photo albums are perfect for art journaling, because they leave room for all kinds of things. You can also use old books. Rae Missigman does that a lot. And I think she has some tutorials on her blog or youtube. No pressure, Lisca. You cannot make any mistakes. Have fun experimenting, that is the best way to learn. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  6. love the video…… so interesting to see the process of your page…. I will look out for you on the posts are you posting in the academy or FB I mostly do FB as it is easier and I couldn’t post on the academy.
    happy playing
    janet #16

  7. Very good fun and super-happy painting, with lots of activity and sparkle. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Documented Life project.

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