Lamb Chops for Christmas

I just found some time to work on my painting skills – in my case it is reducing as far as possible. I attended GutArt 2014 and this class gave me so many ideas, I am going to work on the following weeks.

This one is an art journal page, training loose and rough painting. I am going to share it although I think I might come back and change a bit here and there.

The title is: Lamb Chops for Christmas as I learned on my recent visit to Norway that there is a special dish with salted lamb chops on Christmas. It is lovely and the bird likes the idea of it 🙂


The 2 animals on top are stamps from Rubber Dance: Rock Carvings I love those stamps, as they are quite unusual.

For the stamp lovers I have a hint: there is a special discount on Rubber Dance stamps until December 24, because of the owners birthday. Check it out! Also there are least 2 challenges at the moment with great opportunities to win!!! It is all on the FB page!!!

See you soon







7 Antworten zu “Lamb Chops for Christmas

  1. I totally love this, love the wacky bird and your purple-wearing lady and all your little drawings. I also very much like the humour of it. The Gut Art class seems like it is fun, although of course you put your own spin on it.
    I see it is snowing on your blog!

  2. Hehehe, so funny – that bird won’t be eaten for Christmas … not on Norway anyway (but the poor lamb will…….). I adore your painting, Gabriele!! So very different from what I have ever done, which is why I always find it very interesting to look at your painting. I can learn from them and be inspired to be more FREE in what I do, and also experiment more. Thank you for the inspiration!!! ❤

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