prehistoric art meets my art

I really had some problems finding a title for what I am doing at the moment. I am trying to incorporate prehistoric art into my paintings. It is a challenge for me to work with stamps in a painters way. But what does that mean? To be frank, it is hard to explain, as every time I use stamps I find a new way.

These specific stamps from Norwegian rock carvings by Rubber Dance will really stay with me for a while, as I love prehistoric art in it´s simplicity, yet perfect design vocabulary (I hope I got that right). This vocabulary is so modern, I looooove it so much.


In this little painting I used  only 2: a tiny little man and an animal. The flowers are also stamps from Rubber Dance. I used a wonky cut corrugated cardboard cut in Bibi Lindahl´s studio and started the painting there. The finishing touches I made at home. The title is: She Is Leaving Home.

Here you can find the stamp sheets:

DAV1-L: Da Vinci (flowers) and RC1-L: Rock Carvings

See you soon and happy painting!



19 Antworten zu “prehistoric art meets my art

  1. I love how this turned out, Gabriele! Really fun to see the finished piece, remembering how it all started when you were in my studio.
    I’m so glad you like my rock carving stamps. They are very dear to me. Thank you! ❤

  2. Nice way to incorporate prehistoric art. Norway certainly has old imagery for sure. Nice piece. xox

  3. Well, she has obviously outgrown her home, so she needs to go find somewhere she doesn’t need to stoop to stop banging her head on the ceilings and doorways all the time. Her poor wee father, waving her goodbye, will no doubt miss her for clearing the guttering, washing the upper windows and scaring the birds off the chimney in Winter 😉 😉
    Hehe, I hope you like my little play Gabriele 😀
    Your picture is fabulous with it’s pretty flowers and lillipop trees. The pre-historic stamps will be lots of fun to play with I am sure 😀 (hugs) x

  4. Oh, this is terrific, I have been looking at it, thinking of the story. I like her blue hair and the tiny man and her little house. I like all the different proportions too, very arty!

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