How about some brownies?

Hi dear WOYWW friends, it is a miserable day outside, all chilly and rainy. Nice to stay inside and do some art! I got a challenge here for Rubber Dance which is a bit of a hard cookie for me. Vintage tones. It runs all month, but as I am preparing for a journey next week my mind is in the clouds and I got washing to do and this and that. You know.

But first my messy workspace, which shows all kinds of works. The one in the middle is for the vintage tones challenge. The one on the left is not finished yet, but has some more summer like colours and well my desk is as it is every week. Full of stuff.


The challenge gave me the chance to experiment a little with tea bags and leaves. You will see a close up of the above page, where it is easy to see. I made three projects, that are all created with stamped tea bags. The first one is an index card:

karteI really like the delicate appearance of the stamped portrait and I used different tones of brown. The stamps are from the newRubber Dance Da Vinci sheet. Wonderful vintage portraits,flowers and quotes. Very inspirational. I stitched the tea bag to the card with bakers twine. That dark brown blob is a collaged gelli plate print.

The next one is an Art Journal page, where I experimented with real oak leaves, as they have just the right colour and stamped some text on them. They were not easy to handle and may not last forever, but what is forever??


The portrait and the flower are stamped on a tea bag again (I love it, it is soooo vintage like 😉 ), here is a close up


I also liked, how the stamping on the leaves turned out. All stamps are from Rubber Dance.

Now also an Art Journal page which I consider as a minor accident. Did this ever happen to you that you are trying and working on a peace and it just does not turn out how you want it to be? I was just about to destroy this one, but then I thought I better show it, because it came from my desk, the Queen of Imperfection! I deserved my crown with this one. The leaves are stamped on tea bags again and cut out – I quite like that. Make up your own mind about the rest.


Being a bit short on time this week, I might not be able to visit all desks, but I will reply any comment – promise.

Well peeps that is all for today, got to do some packing and see you in two weeks with smashing news.






16 Antworten zu “How about some brownies?

  1. Oooh, I love that Da Vinci inspired index card – the whole thing just works so well 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  2. Great projects! I have never tried the tea bags myself, (which is odd because I drink enough). Happy WOYWW Cindy #41

  3. I love the vintage stuff! The white stamping on the oak leaves…exquisite! And the teabag stamping. Just great!
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week.

  4. I think all your work is fabulous and the quote fits that last page perfectly I think 😀 I love that idea of stamping on real leaves, Must try that one.
    I too am away next week, off to Wales with Wee Man to meet up with a blogging friend 😀
    Safe travels to you, and I look forward to hearing your ‚good news‘ on your return ((Hugs)) xo

  5. sehr schön, und diese stempel sind alle von rubber Dance? muss ich nochmal kucken gehen, bisher habe ich nur ihre Pilze. allerdings bin ich mit blättern etc schon ziemlich eingedeckt (und verwende sie eigentlich zu wenig…). bin gespannt, wie lange sich deine echten blätter halten – aber wie du sagst: was ist schon für immer?
    auch die teebeutelstempeleien gefallen mir sehr!
    liebe grüße

  6. Wonderful work, Gabi, love what you have made, and the imperfections give it that bit extra. I have worked a lot with real leaves, too, and know they will not last, but as you say, what is for ever? Ups,Alles auf Englisch geschrieben, sorry! GLG, Valerie

  7. So much creativity Gabrielle! Last year I made a card using real leaves and I gave them a coat of Glossy Accents. It helped preserve the colour and the were less brittle (again not forever but will last a bit longer) Love the idea of stamping on them! May have to try this TFS x

  8. When I read the headline, I actually thought you had been baking … but then you say that the vintage tones challenge is a bit of a hard cookie! You are so funny 😀 Love seeing your desk as always – full of life and things in progress. LOVE the real leaves you stamped on – must try that! I’ll give them a coat like Helen suggests above. Thank you for using my stamps on your awesome art! I must add that it is not obvious that the vintage tones is not your cup of tea .. hey, you even stamped on a bag! 😉
    XOX ❤

  9. Fabelhafte Arbeiten Gabriele — besonders das Gestempelte auf den Blättern gefällt mir.
    Ich hab vorvorigen Herbst getrocknete Blätter zwischen zwei Lagen Seidepapier mit verdünntem weissen Kleber konserviert auf einer Karte..die sind noch wie am ersten Tag.
    Danke für’s Linken der schönen Seite zu Art Journal Journey!

  10. Thanks for your return visit, Gabriele. I am feeling a lot better today, thanks, and hope to get in my ARTHaven later. I entirely agree about office work – enough to make anyone sick! I hate, hate, hate doing it lol! Glad you like my ARTHaven.


  11. Lovely pages, and I love to see your art materials on your desk.
    I especially like the last one, it makes me smile and I really like the leaves, they are like a leaves banner. Sometimes an accident or a „mistake“ turns out the best in the end.

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