Eiskalt erwischt!! (Gotcha!!) It is Tuesday night and I forgot to write a blog for WOYWW tomorrow! I don´t think this ever happened before. But there were so many things going on: I am still not finished organizing my stamps. What you see is some background for a new Art Journal page – or just some background, as I have no idea for a new page yet. I am using most stamps unmounted, as they are easier to store and I can also bend them while stamping, which gives me nice marks for backgrounds.


Then I attended a blog hop this weekend RUBBER DANCE BLOG HOPS SISTERHOOD OF SNARKY STAMPERS which was really fun. First time for me.

Also I tried to get some pieces done for the October Colour Challenge. But I have only one I am content with so far. I think I am going to show my results next week, as there are some final touches to be done. If you want to link up and the page does not show, try again in the late afternoon – our afternoon 🙂 that is 16:00 CET.

Instead I show another piece from the past. A painting with inks on watercolour paper 50×70 cm, 15 years old, I found lately in my shelf with „Moondancer“ . This does not have a name yet. Do you have any proposals?


Hope to see you next week with more art!





22 Antworten zu “GOTCHA!!!!

  1. Gosh, I thought it was just me that forgot about the importance of posting for WOYWW! I get up quite early so it’s not something that keeps me up late too often – I’m hopeless at late nights! I liekyour 15 year old artist piece – it looks like an Island with a LOT of topgraphy to me!

  2. I also like my stamps unmounted for certain things – the partial impression is so much more organic than the perfectly stamped edges. Can’t believe that piece is 15 years old – it looks very modern!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  3. You do have some rather interesting rubber on your desk are you mounting it onto ezy foam? don’t leave it there too long I might have to jump in and use it. Thanks for visiting.

    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan
    Happy WOYWW #2

  4. Oooo, I think I see some turquoise on that art journal! (It is my fave colour, and still I’m unsure how to spell it in English … but I have a dictionary!). I have some mounted stamps, but they are just on display … I think they are difficult to use so I always use unmounted ones, not any cling cushion either, just plain rubber :)) I store them in small plastic bags, sometimes by theme and sometimes by the whole sheet they came from.
    When I saw your old painting, I thought of a magpie with all her treasures collected. So the title could be Magpie’s Haven 😉

  5. Hi Gabriele, I love the colours in the painting. I agree with Sunshine Girl, it does look like a foot. Think her title is spot on.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW Sue #36

  6. Hi there and lovely colours in your 15year old painting. happy WOYWW. I’m very late this week so dashing from one blog to next very quickly. Anne x #78

  7. right at home at this desk. Bibi had asked me to do a guest designer spot, tho I never heard when. I can’t seem to find time to do challenges, if you remind me, and if I finish the tag with something from Bibi, maybe I could.
    Thanks for visiting and your kind words!
    Robyn 4

  8. Beautiful work, I love the pages you’ve prepared – lovely colours – and I love the older piece of work, I immediately thought of it as a treasure island surrounded by that beautiful blue ocean and covered in such lovely bright jewel-like treasures.
    Thanks for visiting adn hope you have a great week,

  9. Thank you s much for you visit Gabrielle! I didn’t post my WOYWW entry until late on Wednesday – as a result, I’m one of the last ones, so I’m working my way backwards and I haven’t got to yours yet. You beat me to it! I like using unmounted rubber stamps too for the same reasons you describe. Someone suggested using EZmount which makes them clingy so you can use them with an acrylic block. They’re still easy to store and you can still flex them, but you can also get a crisp image if that what you want. Best of both worlds!

  10. Hi Gabriele – no worries, your first comment did get through. I was just so rushed yesterday that I didn’t have time to deal with all my comments, and have some catching up to do today. Very many thanks for both your lovely comments, and I’m so glad you like my work! I used to find Zentangle a bit nerve-wracking because I was afraid of going wrong and spoiling it, but concentrating on the „one stroke at a time“ rule, it can become surprisingly relaxing. After all, there are no mistakes really, and the only person you have to please is yourself!!

    I am glad you like my felt piece from last week, too. I did another one last night (even more painterly) and I’ll be blogging on it once it’s dry and I can get a decent photo of it. I am so enjoying the felt classes!!

    Your art work is brilliant. I hope you will show us a close-up of your latest album page. I recently discovered the trick of stamping with unmounted stamps – it gives a gorgeous subtle effect for backgrounds. I store all my stamps unmounted, each one (or set) in its own individual baggie suspended from a rail with clips. Works for me!

    Off to explore some more of your beautiful blog.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  11. Hi Gabriele, been walking all day today so a bit late getting round.
    Thank you for visiitng me, I also think the image on the right looks like a bird and there are other bird like images too.
    Hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 39

  12. Like the art journal background and lovely colours in your painting
    Thanks for your kind comments
    Debs 24

  13. Love seeing your workdesk. I do the same with rubber stamps, they are good to use for backgrounds, bending just the right bit.
    I’ve looked and looked at your painting, and there are so many ways of seeing it with all the colourful patterns. I finally see a large bird on the right with pink beak and crest and green eye, so how about „Pink bird hiding among the jewelled stones“ ????

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