Rubber Dance Blog Hops Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers

Oh wow, this is so exciting!! A blog hop between Rubber Dance Art Stamps and the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers! This fabulous group hosts the most interesting challenges – I love it! And look at this superwoman!! Just makes me feel like one!!!!! Yesssssss!!!

blog hop

For me there was no way to resist 🙂 So here I am in the middle of a challenge sponsored by Rubber Dance Art Stamps using a sentiment of the Sarcasm Superpower sheet. I am Gabriele, a member of the most fabulous Rubber Dance Design Team and I am proud and super excited to be part of this cool event.

What makes it so super cool, is that you can WIN this fantastic sheet of rubber „Sarcasm Superpower“ by just leaving a comment on each post in this blog hop. That´s all! Easy, isn´t it?!

I tell you, it was not easy to choose one of those really funny sentiments. It is a huge sheet  and I love about it, that it uses all kinds of different fonts for each saying, that makes each slogan so unique.


But when you see my entry, it is clear that there was only one possible choice for me.


watermark black large_gabriele

Right? Right! You might think, what a sneaky little fellow – reminds me of my childhood – licking that sweet, so the big owl would not want it anymore. But look at him, he is all red in his face, because he is afraid of the big one and licking the cane was the only possible way he could think of, to keep that delicious sugar cane. Brave little thing and clever already.

This art journal page is created with acrylic paints and some collage elements. The sentiment is stamped  with Archival Brilliance Moonlight White.

Now here is your chance to win this fab price! Go and have a look at all these fantastic creations with Sarcasm Superpower and leave your comment on each individual blog! But hurry – you only have time until Sunday September 28 at 23:59 PST. 



Gabriele – you are here 🙂


I wish you the best of luck and happy hopping! I know YOU will win!


 The winner is:
Carmen M!
Congrats!! Read all about it HERE!

27 Gedanken zu „Rubber Dance Blog Hops Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers

  1. donnastamps1971

    Fantastic Gabriele!!! I love that little sentiment ha ha ha reminds me of my brother and I when we were little! This blog hop has been sooooo much fun!! Thanks so much for hoppin with the sisterhood!!

  2. Bibi Lindahl

    Big WOW! Your painting is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!! The little one blushing is so cute, doing all he can to protect the candy. The big owl gives Angry Bird a whole new meaning! *grins* Thank you so much, Gabriele!

  3. twinkletoes2day

    Hahaha – Very excellent images Gabriele 😀 I’m glad the wee owl and the courage to make a stand and keep what is his 😀 Have a great weekend 😀 ❤

  4. Lee Thompson

    Fantastic! We used the same sentiment. Those owls are great. I don’t know which one I like better, the little one that is worried or the big, mad owl with the party hats.

    Thank you for joining the Snarky Sisterhood on this blog hop with Rubber Dance. I love getting to see how we use the same stamps together and get different pictures. Now I am going to stay awhile and have a look around!

  5. Anonymous

    cute little face, reminds me of my tricky little puppy that uses cute to mask naughty and indignant! hard to get mad at a face like that. ( hope not a dbl post)

  6. kc

    I’m anonymous lol I can’t post on this site for some reason! I got two anonymous there never could get KC to show up.anyway I did post in time twice actually:)


  7. Helen

    Stunning Gabrielle – your artwork is amazing! I love the cute little owl! I am not sure he is going to get away with it though….big momma owl looks a little peeved! 😉 x


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