AUTUMN – a one word poem

I love summer (I wish we had one this year), but the season bursting of opportunities is autumn. It is the season of PLENTY! Plenty of colours, plenty of fruit, plenty of all kinds of weather. I love it. It is bitter-sweet and if I could I would write poems about it. Here is a short one: AUTUMN – a one word poem.
The idea for this Art Journal page was born as I wanted to do a painting for some challenges. One about colours, one about trees and one about creatures. I think this page meets all requirements.
I started with a loose collage and acrylic background and tried to find my tree on the page. I applied more acrylics for the tree, gave her a „nose“ of an old book page clip. Then stamped leaves on decorated paper in black, brown and red using Rubber Dance stamp from the sheet #NP1-M: I Love Leaves. I glued them on my painting and added some coloured pencil to add more interest.
I find a tree needs birds, so I stamped that wonderful nest and bird trio from the brandnew sheet #B2-L: Vintage Birds and coloured the eggs with a light blue pencil. I know that birds lay there eggs in spring, but hey, I am an artist and just got some Australian birds visiting 🙂


This is for the Rubber Dance colour challenge (you can also participate the whole month and win a pile of stamps) and Piaroms challenge „Trees“ and Art Journal Journey – „Living Beings“

If you want to try these gorgeous stamps yourself, jump over to The Rubber Dance stamps I used are listed below.

You can also meet us on Facebook – come on over and say hi!  I would love to see, what you are creating!





11 Antworten zu “AUTUMN – a one word poem

  1. What a happy Autumnal tree! I love the colours of Autumn and you have captured them beautifully here. The birds are so sweet and I like that your artistic license has allowed for a wee nest and cute eggs. 😀 xo

  2. sagenhaft schön Gabriele… das ist ganz und gar mein DIng was Du hier geschaffen hast! Bin begeistert!
    Gut zu hören, dass es Dir besser geht!♥♥♥
    Danke für noch ein Lebewesen zu AJ Challenge und noch dazu so ein geniales!
    Schönen Sonntag noch!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Awww Gabriele, wieder so ein grandioser Baum und Besuch aus Australien ist auch da, wie wunderbar!! Ich mag seinen soliden Stamm, der den Vögelein Schutz und Wärme bietet!! Die Nase und die warmen Augen sind wie Magnete..ja und die Blätter, jedes einzelne ein Kunstwerk für sich…suuuuuper!

  4. Wow,was für ein wunderschöner Baum,ich mag seinen festen stamm,das tolle gesicht und die ganze komposition,ich bin absolut hin und weg von deinem wunderbaren Werk,und schön das es dir besser geht.

    xxx Jeannette

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