Time for New Art Journals

This year, I was quite lazy and did not create many Art Journal pages.

But it happened that I got a whole bunch of old, I think you say vintage, photo albums. Full of old photos. I took the photos out and stored them separately, for further use (already used some, hehe).

The albums have nice thick paper, perfect for art journaling. And I can use them for different themes or occasions, as I have quite a number now.

The first one I started for Rubber Dance as I thought, it might be a good idea, keeping things nice and separate.

My friends dog recently got very sick and had to be operated. All this worrying and concern about the poor dogs wellbeing gave me the idea for this page. As I took some step by step photos I will show them to demonstrate how I work.

The beginning always looks like an accident, then it emerges and becomes a picture.

But see for yourself. Watch out for the stamp work, because I use the stamps a lot with acrylic paint and lift paint off on some place to transfer it to another place. If you have questions, don´t hesitate to ask me.

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Here now is the finished painting.


I stamped her beautiful skirt with Flourishes, Grunge Swirls in the sky, Vintage Script on the right and Grunge Swirls and Diamonds in the background.

If you want to try these gorgeous stamps yourself, jump over to www.rubberdance.com. The Rubber Dance stamps I used are listed below.

You can also meet us on Facebook – come on over and say hi!  I would love to see, what you are creating!



24 Gedanken zu „Time for New Art Journals

  1. Pia Rom

    Du weisst, wie sehr ich dieses Bild liebe…. sooo wunderschön!!! Ich liebe ihren Schirm und den tollen Hund, ganz zu schweigen von ihrem Outfit…hach hier passt einfach alles zusammen ! So schön wie Du die Stempel genutzt hast. Der mit den Swirlen hat es mir angetan!! Thank you for showing your dress on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

    1. art-a-tag Autor

      Vielen lieben Dank Conny! Dieses Stück hat es mir auch angetan, wegen der Hintergrundgeschichte. Den Swirl Stempel benutze ich ganz oft, der bringt Bewegung in manche starre Fläche und passt wirklich überall. Du weisst ja wo es ihn gibt 😉

  2. jenny3008

    Ooohh wie wunderschön,ich liebe das bild sehr,ihren tollen hut,den wundervollen regenschirm,einfach klasse,ganz zu schweigen von den tollen farben und der landschaft,richtig genial.

    GLG Jeannette


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