I love my stamps

In the past I never was much of a stamper. But since I have my Rubber Dance stamps, I am using stamps in my art a lot. Looking over my card production of the last 2 months I found 5 cards I would like to show you. All of them are created with Rubber Dance stamps.

They work wonderful for me as they look great in my little collages. The prints on the brown paper are so cool – I love them!

watermark black large_gabriele

Thank you for visiting and if you want to try these gorgeous stamps yourself, jump over to www.rubberdance.com. The Rubber Dance stamps I used are listed below.

 You can also meet us on Facebook – come on over and say hi! 


6 Antworten zu “I love my stamps

  1. Thank you Helen! Yes, I think I use stamps in a different way and for me it is just as interesting to see, what you do with it. Win – win 🙂 x

  2. Gabriele, these ICADs are lovely. I really am liking the orange/red/turquoise combo. You used that combo on the „happy accident“ card also and I think I need to try those colors together myself. The card that says Timeless at the top has a rusty looking square on it. Can you tell me how you did the almost graffiti look on that square? I really love that for a vintage look. My favorite is the one with two swirls that almost looks like a Madonna Bra. The reason I love it so much is the lovely creamy background. Hugs, Pamikins!!!

  3. Thank you so much Pamikins. That rusty looking square is a photograph of a graphiti and I put some natural resin on it. Have a look at hell´s kitchen, there I explained it and there I also used this square. And I would have bet, you liked Madonna´s Bra the best 😉

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