Mushrooms and Other Stamps

I am still in the middle of ICAD challenge. It is about creating a little piece of art on index cards, one a day for 61 days in a row. There are given prompts, you can follow – or do what you please, any style you want.  The challenge ist hosted by Tammy Garcia aka Daisy Yellow, and she is doing an amazing job. You can have a look at my ICADs from 2013 ICADs 2013  and 2014 ICADs 2014 to give you an idea what it is all about. For me this is a super possibility of playing around and trying out new things.

This time I was very fond of this red and green(ish) colour combination on newspaper. With the newspaper I get a fabulous background. It is for free, everyone has old newspaper in some corner, or you get it as wrapping for some goods you bought. Anyway you can get a great variety of papers to choose from – again, for free.

I like to monoprint on my gelli plate and for the „cleaning“ ghost print I normally use newspaper. That means, I spritz a little water on the gelli plate which still carries a lot of paint, go over it with my brayer and press a newspaper sheet on it, using a clean brayer. The result you see nicely in this first card. There were some wonderful dark red leftovers and a grayish-greenish tone.

A perfect background for the wonderful mushroom stamps from Rubber Dance.

Bibi Lindahl, the very congenial  and talented owner of Rubber Dance carries the most fabulous nature stamps, made from real plants and in this case mushrooms. I just love them, they are unique and made of rubber, which means they are durable and can stand some rough Multi Media treatment 😉 . A good thing, they come unmounted, so I can fold them, to only use parts of the stamp (very nice in backgrounds, I will show more details in following posts) and they are easier to clean, because I will not only use the good old stamp pad.


watermark black large_gabriele

I also love spirals in the background (this one is hand carved by myself). Isn´t this colour just divine? I mixed mint with gray, acrylic paint and stamped it. The grungy number stamp on the right hand side is also from Rubber Dance and stamped with light teal acrylics. The three mushrooms are stamped with black Archival stamp pad and the red word „discover“ from Rubber Dance is also stamped with Archival ink.

With the same stamp and almost the same colour scheme, that is the same background.  On this piece are several happy accidents: an eye appeared in the print, I just intensified the outline of the eye and two round shapes, that looked like glasses, with pencil. Then I collaged two pieces of paper in the lower left side. and gave it a try with black and red inked stamps. But the background was too dark and fuzzy, so I loaded the stamp with acrylic cobalt green light from Lascaux, did some stenciling on the right and left side with the same colour. The black stamped areas now appear as shadows and the mushrooms now really pop. To intensify this effect, I used white pen for some outlines. The text reads: „always an eye on mushrooms“, as I love picking mushrooms and always have an eye on them, when we go for walks in the woods.


watermark black large_gabriele

It is certainly not the usual way of using stamps, but I can create wonderful effects with them.


watermark black large_gabriele

The third card has many collage elements and I used up leftovers from that Lascaux acrylics (this paint is so expensive, I just cannot let it dry off). Stamping the quote directly on the card was not a good idea, because it was hard to see. So I stamped it on brown paper and voilà: that wonderful quote from Rubber Dance can be seen clearly.

Thank you for visiting and if you want to try these gorgeous stamps yourself, jump over to The Rubber Dance stamps I used are listed below.

 You can also meet us on Facebook – come on over and say hi! 


10 Antworten zu “Mushrooms and Other Stamps

  1. How wonderful to hear how you created these amazing collages Gabriele, thank you for sharing your technique 😀 I really like the idea of using newspaper 🙂 Do you stick it onto card or in a book? What with? 😉
    Many thanks for your kind and encouraging comment on my blog 😀

    • Thank you very much Mo! I stick it onto a card or whatever I am working with (paper, cardboard, canvas). I use ordinary glue, like UHU stick or whatever you like and have on hand – on canvas I use something like matte medium. Glad, I could encourage you, but you are so full of energy and ideas, I love to see your creations!

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