ICAD Completed With Vibrant Grunge

I made it!!! I completed the ICAD 2014 challenge hosted by Daisy Yellow aka Tammy Garcia. It feels really great.

I got a big boost from my new toys – stencils from Seth Apter. I bought them all, because I live in Germany and Stencil Girl products are hard to get over here. So I scratched together my money and made myself a nice present with a load of stencils. This made it so easy finishing challenge, because it was just playing and trying out new things.

I got the feeling Seth designed the stencils just for me 🙂 – they are just my cup of tea! Just trying out the stencils gave me such a super base for my work I am sure, I will be using them a lot in the future.

I will post 3 cards now and some more in the next post as I created them also with the wonderful stamps from Rubber Dance. I mentioned in the previous post, that I am a member of the Rubber Dance design team (YAY!!) and I will show you, what a Mixed Media artist can do with stamps. So here are the first 3 cards – thanks a lot for your „help“ Seth Apter! I got so nice comments on the cards like: „Love your vibrant, grungy card!!!“ or „Love your vibrant, grungy card!!!“ I can only say – you are right!




Thanks for visiting and taking your time to read my blog! Pop in any time, you are welcomed!



8 Antworten zu “ICAD Completed With Vibrant Grunge

  1. Thanks so much for getting my stencils. The three pieces you have posted here are beautiful. Vibrant grunge is the perfect way to describe them. Love your choice of colors!

  2. Gabriele, I love these ICADs, they are gorgeous. I tried to pick a favorite, but they are all awesome!!! Hugs, Pamikins!!!

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