Am I Using Stamps? Of Course!

As I mentioned in the previous post I am a new super proud member of the RubberDance design team. You could say I am a painter, not a stamper. So what am I doing with stamps?

I know Bibi Lindahl´s (RubberDance) stamps now since almost two years and was immediately in love with them, because they were different. Her stamps, some made from natural plants, really are very special. You can use them on their own to show the whole beauty, like this tag from last year, which I still like very much because of its simple yet fragile beauty. This stamp is part of the Weed Love collection and I also use it in backgrounds. But I will show you this some other time.


Today I show you a little painting on an index card, made for the Daisy Yellow´s ICAD 2014 challenge  hosted by Tammy Garcia. On a pink acrylic background I used the stamp „Grunge Swirls“ in light green which pops real nicely. I collaged a mono print and the word „destination“ from the sentiments set 2 „Think Again“ . „Vintagescript“ peeps nicely from the background. Then I used the stamp „Fir“ from the sheet „Pines“ to make the fragile orange marks on the left side. On top I stamped the „pine“ twig also from the sheet „Pines“ in black. A lot of doodling and a wee bit Washi tape completes the picture.


watermark black large_gabriele




Next time I show you more ways to use these wonderful stamps in your art.

Here you will see  the stamps I used. You can have a look for yourself at


4 Antworten zu “Am I Using Stamps? Of Course!

  1. I loved this on FB, but to see more clearly with your description, all the different elements, I can now more truly appreciate it’s beauty and your talent. I enjoy having things ‚broken down‘ for me. It helps me to see what may be possible for me too. I look forward to seeing more of your work on RubberDance 😀 Mo

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