Welcome New Year 2014

There are always a lot of challenges going on. I must say I find them all very inspiring. But sometimes I have the feeling, it is getting to much for me. So what shall I do? I decided to get a bit more organized and set priorities. At the moment many challenges are around journaling. One is using a calendar, where you can write down whatever is important to you and illustrate it. Another one works with loose pages in a ring binder.

I think I am making a combination of both and see where it leads me. So I got myself a cheap small (A5) ring binder and covered it with collage elements. The title on the front says „We Also Can Do Art“. On the back I was sort of reflecting on my word of the year, but could not make up my mind if I should take RELAX (I feel I need to do that a lot) or a word I just learned (I am German): SOAR. I had to look in the dictionary and after reading about the meaning, I had a feeling immediately, I was lifted up! Great! I need that also. I could soar relaxed! That´s it. So I took both words and they have to cooperate this year. Here is my ring binder, waiting to be filled with colourful stories.

Ringbuch_0001 Ringbuch ringbuchoffen ringbuchsteht

For the cover I collaged newspaper clips and for the inside lining I took some wonderful paper, I had my drawer for ages, because I did not dare using it. I has a wonderful texture, like an old wallpaper. This was the right place for it.

The challenge for week one in „The Documented Life Project“ was, to show your front door in a way you like. I have two front doors, one for our „Art Life“, my husband makes music, I make art, so it is COLOUR & SOUND for us.

The other door is more private and goes to the garden with all its inhabitants.




So I managed to make my own project and take the best of two worlds and relax. The soaring part is done while I work at life book 2014 lessons.

I am looking forward to see all the wonderful new projects come to life.


5 Antworten zu “Welcome New Year 2014

  1. Just awesome, Gabi 🙂
    I can only agree with feeling overwhelmed by all the challenges popping up. I really do like to challenge myself, but it works best on my own terms… I’m sure we’ll follow each others projects as the year progresses – and I’m looking forward to it: Kramar!!! Schoene Woche noch 🙂

  2. wow I think you are doing a great job with the two challengers and I am loving what you have done with the folder cover really great show of art
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  3. Love how you’ve interpreted the Documented life Door theme. I am trying to do that project this year, as it ties the idea of an art journal in, which is something I keep meaning to do. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #93

  4. I agree it can all be a bit overwhelming !! You have to just do what is right for you, your folder looks great …. Good luck
    Jackie 7

  5. Awesome looking journals! I love your words. I have chosen two words too, mine is ‚SLOW DOWN‘, I have to learn to not try and say yes to everybody and everything.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

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