How I conquered the fog

In the last days we had a streak of very foggy weather. That fog can easily drive you into depressions, or make you eat and drink stuff you should stay away from – because you want to loose weight. Ha!

So I thought I best paint myself a nice picture with a positive person and a positive quote on it and feel better. This usually helps, believe me.

So I got a printed background, glued some newspaper clips on it and some self printed paper, used some stamps and waited for the inspiration to come. And waited, and waited. 3 cups of tea later I got bored of waiting and took a closer look at my background, which now just called for some finishing ink drips, more stamps, some more snippets and tataaaa, my background turned into a picture!!


7 Antworten zu “How I conquered the fog

  1. love the letter and numbers stencil (I suppose it is…) I find that at night, when I start playing in my studio, it keeps me away from food and makes the time fly by! {:-D

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