It is Winter!

Winter for me is a season to lay back and concentrate on indoor activities. I am not the sporty type and being outside when it is as stormy and miserable like right now, is just not my cup of tea.

But a few days ago, when the first days of frost came, we went on a sunny walk with our doggies and it was so beautiful, that I realized, winter does have some nice sides too. Fortunately I had my camera with me and can gladly share the beauty of beginning winter with you.


The colours are so beautiful and the frost adds something precious to it.


I love those contrasts.


These pictures inspired me to make an  Art Journal page and dream of the positive aspects of December. I mean, this is THE festive season with loads of goodies and a good chance for self reflection. Here is my page:


This is a month so full of everything, all people seem to be soooo exhausted to be able to fulfill their tasks. Sit down and take a deep breath, lovelies, have a nice cup of whatever you like and some of the goodies, that go right to your waist and ruin your figure. But isn´t that wonderful!!! I wish you a happy and cozy and not too busy December.

Vielen Dank für den Tip Susi! Und was könnte besser zu dem Thema Dark & Light passen als Winter.

26 Antworten zu “It is Winter!

  1. these are lovely winter pics!!

    i’m taking your advice…drinking a warm latte and some very fattening goodies…and relaxing today.

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