Hi WOYWW friends!

Long time no see! At least I have that feeling, as I was not able to post much during the last weeks du to some minor surgeries and things like that, which nobody needs.

Now I am back with loads of projects. I started working on tags for the coming seasons. That is why my workspace looks so messy (NO my workspace always looks that messy)! I mostly paint my works as you can see, so I can never tell what it will look like. I plan some red/green patterns for christmas and I end up with blue and gold. I also made some new stamps, which come in quite handy for my new tags. Here you go:


Then I finished an art journal page which sat on my desk and waited for some important words to be said, but I could not think of any. So here is my outcoming: „Sometimes I cannot find the right words“.


If you look close, you see, that the words hide behind flowers. I admit, I have problems, just using all these wonderful words (you know – love, peace, faith, trust, you probably know many more). Just like that. I need a little story behind the words, but some stories make me speechless.

When I was a child we had little friendship books where we our friends wrote little poems or just these wonderful words combined with flowers, angels, birdies etc. You know these little cut out pictures with mostly glitter on them. Well, when someone wanted me to write into her book, I always panicked. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE! There seemed to be some rules, we had to follow (I was never fond of rules), it was not possible to write in your own words, no it had to be the right words. Well some things never change – I am still searching…..


10 Antworten zu “WOYWW 231

  1. Love your Christmas tags! Funny how we end up changing our plan when we are in midstream! Great colors. Your journal page is lovely. Love the expression you captured!

  2. The tags are fantastic as is the journal page. I think we all have occasions when we don’t know what to say…sometimes it’s better to say nothing! Hugs. Pam#37

  3. Hi Gabriella, love the tags and the page. My problem is my brain can’t remember the words now, maybe I have altzhiemers! Thanks for commenting on my messyness.
    Cazzy x

  4. Sometimes when words come to easy they aren’t really how you feel. Perhaps, not finding the words right away is a good thing! Your tags and page are beautiful. I admire anyone that can paint!
    Angie #80

  5. Lovely tags and the journal page is brilliant and I am the same with those words… they are used so much that they don’t seem sincere anymore so I get stuck too! Annette #14

  6. A lovely page, and I know what you mean about finding the words – I try hard, but I can only occasionally think of what to say on a piece of art. I love all the layers and the story behind the words.

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