Let us help Marit in WOYWW

Dear WOYWW friends,

this time I am not going to show my workspace, I am asking you to help Marit Barentsen with her wonderful magazine FEATURING:

cover issue 4

You all know it, because there is this great article about Julia Dunnit and her successful WOYWW blog in issue 4. I blogged about that already, because my workspace was mentioned in that article.

It is unbelievable, this unique magazine is in danger and needs our support. Nobody can explain it better that Marit, so here is an excerpt of an email I received from her:

„FEATURING magazine released four issues now and the respons is very positive, but we notice that still a lot of people haven’t heard of our magazine… in order to keep my baby – this awesome art publication – alive and going, we have to spread the word and get more brand awareness so we can reach more customers. The release of the next issue depends on that.
Therefore, I decided to set up a special promoting CAMPAIGN, starting on October 21 with a big BANG. The team and I hope we can make some noise and we can do that with your help! We’ve partnered with Thunderclap to promote the magazine and we ask all our friends and fans to help promote the magazine.
Thunderclap is an app where you can donate a tweet or Facebook status update to support. When we reach our goal – 250 supporters on October 21 – a message will go out via facebook and twitter updates. It will only happen once and the app won’t spam your friends. The end result is massive amounts of people are reached and the name of FEATURING magazine will be heard. If we do not reach the 250 supporters, nothing will happen. We have only one week left…
So now I am emailing all contributors, friends, followers and fans to ask them to please visit the FEATURING Thunderclap page and donate a tweet or Facebook status update to help me promote the magazine. http://thndr.it/15OjQip
I hope you are willing to do that too…
Thank you so very much, and a big hug from Holland,
Marit Barentsen (editor-in-chief)“

FEATURING really impressed me, because this magazine is different and touched my nerve. There are many great magazines on the market about crafting and painting. But this one is made by Marit who is an art friend of us and a very talented artist herself, who knows all about Art Journaling and the special art scene in the internet. At least, she knows, what I want to read. And this magazine is not clustered with tons of advertisements. So please help Marit to keep this wonderful magazine alive. Thank you, my friends.


9 Antworten zu “Let us help Marit in WOYWW

  1. It looks like a great magazine, but I hadn’t heard of it either. Hope things look up!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #38

  2. Hi Gabriele
    Thanks for visiting me, and your page promoting the magazine looks great, I will follow it up and look at Featuring.
    Chris #30

  3. I hadn’t heard of the magazine either. How neat that there is an article about WOYWW! I will watch for it. Thanks for stopping by to see me! 🙂 Hugs
    Sharon #56

  4. I agree! Thanks for this, Gabrielle 🙂
    Thank you for leaving a lovely comment – been so busy with daughter preparing for school art trip in Italy (they’re in Florence right now, Venice on Mon, home Thurs).
    So happy belated WOYWW and have a great week 🙂

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