Hand Carved Stamps

I am sure you know Tammy´s blog „Daily Yellow„. I have the honour to be invited by Tammy to write a guest post for the Daily Paper Prompt (DPP) series.

It is all about stamps. Why a post about hand carved stamps? There are tons of the most wonderful stamps you can buy ready made, why bother carving it by yourself?

My reason was, that there were some stamps, I just could not get here in Germany. The only solution was to carve it myself. I have done some carving on linoplates, carving on special stamp rubber is so much easier. It is like cutting into butter! My stamps were a bit wonky, but it was my personal little piece of art, I could make unique pieces of art with. Each print is just me. That made me proud and I found out, working with own stamps is totally different than working with ready made stamps – no matter how pretty they are.

The greatest discovery was packing foam. Explanations to that material are on the DPP post Hand Carved Stamps.

On the AJ page you see here, I only used hand carved stamps from packing foam with acrylics. Super easy and unique! Have fun and free your Mojo!



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