29 faces 10

Still have a cold, but I started my drawing practice. I found this picture of a gentleman riding his antique bike and I thought it was a fun project to start with. I wasn´t really content and wanted to give it some accents with Neocolor and that really messed it up. But I am too tired to do it over, so I just show it.

Must practice drawing……..



5 Antworten zu “29 faces 10

  1. I love his moustache and his little Imperial beard. He’s great. Your bicycle is so good too, I find it very difficult to draw a bike.
    Looking back over the faces I’ve missed for a few days, every one of them is wonderful, even if you did have a cold. I hope it is better soon.

  2. Love the red bicycle with the rest black and white. What a nice drawing. All of your pieces are different, but you definitely have a nice style. Great job!

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