Dear friends on WOYWW, Julia Dunnits wonderful blog, where you can look onto other peoples workspaces, this time you won´t see much, except my screen. I have been sitting in front of it, let´s say, the last two weeks.


Please forgive me, when my blog is mainly in German today. The reason is, I installed a new facebook group in German language. Why? A good question.

I got to know this kind of coming together for artists in american groups. I was impressed by the kind and friendly way of accepting each other and each others art, encouraging and helping, when people feel down and not able to create. The only problem was the distance between us, which means we might not be able to meet and share workshops, exhibitions, shopping tours etc. So I thought it might be a good idea establishing a group in Germany.


So entstand TraumMalzeit, eine deutschsprachige Mixed Media Gruppe.  Diesen Winter lernte ich einige amerikanische Facebook Gruppen kennen, die mir mit ihrer freundlichen und liebenswerten Hilfestellung über die dunkle Zeit halfen. Der Winter verging im Nu und ich hatte viele neue Techniken kennen gelernt und war so produktiv und kreativ wie nie zuvor. Außerdem hatte ich viele neue Freundinnen gewonnen.

Was ich schade fand, war die räumliche Distanz und manchmal hätte ich mir gewünscht, mich besser in Englisch ausdrücken zu können. Wenn es an die Feinheiten ging, behinderte mich mein manchmal fehlendes Vokabular. Weiterhin gibt es beim Material das Problem, dass die amerikanischen Einkaufsquellen hohe Frachtraten und lange Lieferzeiten haben, was den Einkauf etwas kompliziert und unerfreulich gestaltet. Ein Austausch über deutsche oder europäische Bezugsquellen ist nun endlich möglich und wird schon gerne genutzt.

Wir haben nun endlich die Möglichkeit auch mal etwas gemeinsam zu unternehmen. Wenn Ihr Lust habt, euch die Gruppe anzusehen, dann gebt mit bitte Bescheid. Die Gruppe heißt Traummalzeit. Ich freue mich auf euch!

Eure Gabriele


14 Antworten zu “TraumMalzeit

  1. How fab to be able to blog in two languages!!!! Good luck with the new community you are creating Gabriele. I am sure you will make lots of crafting friends and create wonderful things. Happy WOYWW from Helen 71 x

  2. art has its own language, thank goodness 🙂
    thanks for the English paragraph, though 🙂
    happy W0YWW and have a great week!
    no. 43

  3. Hope your German facebook group takes off! I am sure that will be fun, and supportive for you! Great idea! Hope you get some creating time in soon! Winnie#89

  4. Happy WOYWW. Wish I could comment in German. I did German at school, but that was over 25 years ago, and haven’t used it at all for about 20 years! Thank you for the paragraph in English. Ali x #48

  5. Hi What a great idea to create a local group – I can read enough German to follow what you have written but not to comment myself ! I hope to tag along to improve my understanding & vocab ! Hope the group works well ! Vielen Gluck und Alles bestes Ali #30

  6. Good luck starting up the new local group. I laugh that all you’ve been doing is sitting in front of a screen. You can kill a lot of time doing that.

    • indeed, you can. I visited an exhibition in Cadiz. Five artist in residenz. One artist made a work about „How do you feel about your life“. She made little books, dedicated to one question and the answers of the people that wrote on her artistic formular. One question was: How do you waste your time? The answers were mostly: Internet!
      So do I at this moment – do I? A thing to think about!

  7. What a wonderful idea of setting up a group in your local area, there is nothing better than being able to come together with your online friends. Best of luck and have a great week! Danie #17

  8. I think that’s a fab idea, can’t tell you how helpful, fun and enriching just the WOYWW community has proven and how lovely it is when there’s a chance to meet someone. I know that your new FB venture will be a great success.

  9. Outstanding idea! I love local groups – I agree totally with Julia. Meeting up for the annual WOYWW crop is a highlight of my crafty life every year 🙂
    Best of luck with it.

    Happy (better late than never) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (27)

  10. takes some of us all our time to manage English, you put us to shame. Great idea and sure your group will take off well, we could do with one in the UK too.

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