WOYWW 214 Limited Time Travellers

I finally finished my triptych that I worked on for some time. It is a creation for an exhibition the county commissioner holds every two years. The artists of the county can bring three works to be judged by a jury. You must follow a requirement: every time there is a motto. This time it is „white or evidence“, in German Hinweis(s).

When I started my research concerning the colour white, so many clues showed up, that my decision on what to paint changed many times. One thing became quite clear, the colour white has so many meanings that follow us throughout our life, that it had to be a triptych to make clear what I wanted to say.

I searched through our old encyclopedia and transfered some of my finds to the canvas, some clues I found in the internet, I used printouts and handwriting to record what I considered important.

The different colours and groupings of the persons are quite obvious, I think. Green is the period, when we are young. We mostly do not have a serious relation to a partner yet, we are more or less alone. The most active phase is of course red, when we are in relation to partners, children, parents other relatives. At the end of our lives it sort of thins out and fades away. But see for yourself.


Here are some details, just click on the small pictures to enlarge:

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15 Antworten zu “WOYWW 214 Limited Time Travellers

  1. I am definitely a fan of your work… these are breathtaking again! Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from (a bit cooled down) Holland. Marit #91

  2. That’s a great piece! Good luck with the exhibition. Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comment.

  3. That’s beautoful and very creative, loved your thoughts about painting it and how you got to this stage. Good luck with the exhibition and have a great weekend.

    Brenda 3

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