Fukushima in GIT

I just saw a film on TV about the tsunami in Fukushima. This disaster is still so present it makes me speechless. Shortly after the catastrophe I created a mixed media pic on canvas. I donated it to an auction, in order to get money to enable some kids from Fukushima some days of vacation in Germany. The county commissoner asked the artists for help and we did our small share.

The little green and red fishies were filled with soysauce and I always waited for the opportunity of using them in my art. But I´d rather refrained from using them for this sad matter. But at least it could help to make some people happy.

da fehlen die richtigen Worte

da fehlen die richtigen Worte

6 Antworten zu “Fukushima in GIT

  1. What a wonderful gesture, to donate your collage, it was a terrible disaster. The fish you used are so unusual, I have never seen them before! I wonderfully inventive piece.

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