Altered Sculptures: Lost Soldiers

In Altered Sculptures I showed the first picture of a series. The subject this time were three little sculptures of some soldiers with shields, held in front of their thin, naked bodies. I had three of them to work with. I took photos of the sculptures and treated them in photoshop until I had a whole group.

The ship was also a sculpture of my friend, which I loved because of its raw looking appearance. I also took photographs of this and adapted it as well as a shield in photoshop and made prints which I collaged into the painted landscape with the big painted soldier.

When I saw the sculptures of the soldiers and the ship I had a fantasy of some soldiers being lost in a strange world. They where afraid of anyone getting too close and harm them. The bravest one is defending the little group.

A stunning thing happened when I exhibited this picture for the first time. A gentleman approached me and told me that he was looking at this picture for a long time and he felt the fear and loneliness he had to bear as a young soldier in war. And he thanked me, because we should never forget…



25 Antworten zu “Altered Sculptures: Lost Soldiers

  1. I think that’s one of the best compliments an artist can receive. When a piece truly moves someone else — reaches directly to their heart and touches their own history — it’s wonderful.

  2. Wow!! So powerful!! Your work is always so beautiful & meaningful! To evoke feelings from viewers of art is the ultimate complement! Beautifully done! And thanks for visiting my little corner of the blog world! 🙂

  3. Wow, that story made me shiver… isn’t it amazine when your art can do that to people?! The piece is absolutely stunning!

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