Some weeks ago I presented an article altered sculpures. I would like to continue, that is more present the first picture in this series. My attention was drawn very much by a plate that my friend called The Book of Mother Earth:


This plate is made of clay, several little pieces of stone like clay worked in, that it looked like runes or some pre historic writing. My fantasy immediately started to work. To me it looked like commandments. Not like the Ten Commandments, more universal, more global. This was a central part of our cultures worldwide. These were commandments made for the human race in prosperity and  adversity. It very seldom happens, but I had the finished picture in my brain, because the message was so strong. The human, no matter what race, what colour, what gender has to bear these commandments, no matter if they are legitimated or misused.


I edited the photo of the plate in photoshop to change the colours and pasted it on the canvas. The painting is acrylic. The size is 50×70 cm or 20×27,5 inch on canvas.


20 Antworten zu “Commandments

  1. Oh – this is a wonderful and all together intriguing piece! It’s really great when an idea is so compelling you have to create it, isn’t it?

  2. This is just beautiful. I am always amazed at your ability to put so much emotion into your pieces. One day I hope I can do this as well as you! This piece is just breathtaking!

  3. beautiful finished piece and so perfectly titled. even before I saw what you called it, commandments were the first thing that jumped to my mind.

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