My last weeks workspace was in Denmark. I was on vacation for 2 weeks 🙂 and I always take some stuff with me, when I travel (in a car, that is), just in case I want to do some drawing or painting.

The space was very limited, but I had a tiny little room for me and my art supplies, which was great.


I wanted to give it a try on abstract painting. I thought, when I was away from it all, it was easier to get on with a new task. I always had problems with abstract paintings, because I keep on seeing figures, faces, animals, landscapes etc.

So I tried another way and took things I found at the beach and tried to abstract them. Did I say that right? I made a drawing of a seashell and a stone, both with weeds, which added some nice lines to it.  Here is a collection of shells, you can easily find out which one I took.


The other two paintings are created right out of my belly. I never „dared“ making paintigs like that, but the first time it felt right. I wonder which one do you like best?



Tied Stones

Tied Stones

Red Loop

Red Loop

Pink world

Pink world

Just to make these days perfect, I celebrated my birthday May 28 and got the most yummy cake ever. Cheers!


I just got a mail from Marit with a collage from the new issue of the FEATURING magazine. A photo of my workspace (left side the lowest one with the easel) has been published. How exciting!!



22 Antworten zu “WOYWW 209

  1. I’m thrilled that your workspace is appearing in the article, isn’t it exciting! I love your abstract pictures, I can imagine it is very difficult to ‚let yourself go‘ enough to make them come, but they really are marvellous and I guess the shell was just a starting point really. I like the bursts of colour you’ve added to them. Many happy return! No birthday is a real treat without a lovely cake!

    • Julia, it is absolutely exciting! What a great article! I have the utmost respect for the effort and time you invested into your project WOYWW. It really came out fantastic with an enormous response! That is why I joined in 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words commenting my abstracts. You are absolutely right, I needed this starting point with the shell. This sort of freed me.

  2. Well done you how exciting to have your workspace featured in the magazine.
    I have just been asked to be on a review panel for a stamping magazine I was really pleased.
    Your drawings are really good I love the way you have used the colour in them
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  3. Gabriele, I can’t say it often enough; I really appreciate your art. Those mussels, the pink, the letters… just great!
    And of course: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on being published 🙂
    Best, Jana

  4. That’s fabulous that your workspace is in the magazine, I’ll be sure to look for it when my copy arrives. Love all of your paintings, the shell is excellent and the colour is just perfect.
    Have a great week,
    Von #14

  5. Congrats on being in the article it is so exciting too, I so love your space in the article and the painting on the easel. Your work is brilliant don’t second guess yourself, just have fun.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 18

  6. The abstracts are truly wonderful… I do love the first one where the shells look a bit like vulcanos and it is great that you moved from there and draw ‚from the belly’… the yellowish with red circle is my favorite I think but I love them all! And thanks for the cooperation – it’s great to have a photo of your workspace/desk illustrating the article about woyww. Happy ~ belated ~ woyww, Marit #70

  7. Wow, your drawings are beautiful and I love the little bits of stencilling you added. I particularly like Red Loop and Pink World – should be framed and on the wall! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you have a great week.

  8. Congratulations on being featured in Featuring magazine, you must be thrilled. Love your abstract paintings, I so wish I could draw. I like the two paintings that came ‚from your belly‘ Red Loop and Pink World. Thanks for visiting me today
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #44

  9. Thanks for visiting, love the magazine article about your workspace. Absolutely loves those travelling paintings.
    Sandra @53

  10. Happy WOYWW!
    Thanks for visiting mine, and you are organised taking your art stuff with you on holiday, I have tried in the past and it is diffucult to decide which craft supplies to take and how much and I didn'[t have time or good light to use them in the end!
    Everybody likes the dustpan! I did see one that I might buy for blog candy, not like mine but a blinged up brush!

    Cazzy x #147

  11. Congratulations on your workspace being published! And by the looks of your mobile workspace I’m thinking you are the kind of artist who can make herself at home no matter where she roams. 🙂 Thanks for leaving me a comment already and enjoy the rest of WOYWW~Deeyll #144

  12. Hey congratulations that is exciting news. I am very impressed that you can create a workspace for yourself whilst travelling too … :o)x

  13. These paintings are fantastic! although I think I’m probably on the wrong woyww, it jumped when I pressed the comment box! Still never mind! it’s still fantasic!! World press always asks me for a password….I never know what it is, so I usally can;t commnet….fingers craossed!!

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