Happy Mail

You might have guessed or known it, I was on vacation. When I came back I found mail from 3 dear friends in my box, which made me veeeery happy. I had my birthday while I was away and want to thank you all for your friendly and cheerful congratulations and comments. This went right into my heart. 

Thank you very much Theresa. This card is the bomb. Hoohah, chaka – yes I am the pink survivor!!! Theresa is very involved and caring in breast cancer aid. This card is really bringing me forward! Thank you so much Theresa! Let me draw your attention to the other side where it shows sausage and pepperoni pizza rolls, if I can read it right. Lol – this is recycling at its best!



Boo, my dear friend! Thank you for these wonderful birthday flowers! That is so sweet of you! I really love them! 

It is incredible how active this lady is, go to her site and see what else she does http://stamplaughplay.blogspot.de/



Birthday mail from Jana! Thank you sooo much Jana for this generous envelope full of goodies! Jana is a German friend living in Sweden, we talk to each other in funny mix of English and German and some Swedish from Jana´s side. Jana does the most wonderful things with watercolour, pencil, ink and also photoshop. Thank you so much Jana – it is wonderful and I adore your lovely collage and the tiny birthday card with your wonderful handwriting! And you knew, that I really cared for this little black ghost. Lol, so funny! Also Jana makes her own envelopes, very individual!

Go and see, what this talented lady creates, you will love it http://tangledpen.wordpress.com/

jana Kopie



6 Antworten zu “Happy Mail

  1. Varsågod! Nichts zu danken! You’re welcome!
    …to stay true to what you mentioned about the language mix 🙂
    Thanks for posting my url too – always appreciated!

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