Altered Sculptures

A friend of mine does wonderful sculptures. While talking about her intensions and reasons for creating each piece, we found out, that I had a completely different view. When looking at a sculpture I had a complete story to it, which really surprised my friend, she never saw it like that. So I decided to make each one a painting too make visible, what I thought.

The first painting in this series is called Stoneheads. It is, like the others, a mixed media piece, a collage with photos, I barely changed in photoshop. This one got some eyes from me, because I saw a species from outer space. Just a crew visiting from „somespace“. I took photos from different angles, glued it on a canvas and painted the background and the bodies, using corrugated cardboard again. Have fun!




7 Antworten zu “Altered Sculptures

  1. Your work is so original and unique… I just love coming here to see what you’ve created each week. Awesome aliens!

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