I was thinking about joining WOYWW for quite some time, as I think the idea looking into other peoples working place is quite interesting. At least I like to do that. But I did not have time to clean up – well after all it is a WORKING area, so what the heck…

I show you one part of my workspace which is an easel, because I am thinking a lot about this picture and it lacks so much to be the way I want it to be. No – not perfect! Perfectionism is for bookkeeper, not for artists. I normally do not show half finished works, but maybe this just gives me the kick to go on. The title will be Evolution.



31 Antworten zu “WOYWW 205

  1. Hello from Texas! Your art is intriguing! You are so talented and creative! Clean up your work space? What does that mean….you should see my work desk…I can’t even find things…or well…i guess I love it that way because it never changes! Thanks for sharing. dix—

  2. Your workspace looks great with lots of light. Thanks for joining!! You’ll have fun. Hope you get the inspiration you need to finish your canvas. Brigita #122

  3. Welcome to WOYWW I hope you have a happy time sharing your work space and creations with us all. All the WOYWWers are such caring supportive and creative people that you always get a lift when you’re in the crafting doldrums. Your work space is great, so light and airy and I know your canvas will turn out well. MMx #72

  4. wow you have some lovely pieces that I think we would all love to see more of
    Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  5. Your work space looks pretty clean to me. I was thinking of joining too. It fun to see where other people work.

  6. I LOVE this peek into your workspace and what I see on your easel is quite intriguing! Good luck and have fun finishing this painting! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and happy, belated, woyww, Marit #102

  7. Hello from England! Thank you for sharing your half finished work with me. I used to hate showing my work off, so I see WOYWW as a sort of therapy. It’s looking good so far and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Thanks for popping to my desk, have a great week – Lucy #32 x

  8. Wow, your work space looks great – I love what’s on the easel. Thanks for stopping by my blog, great to see you on WOYWW – have a great week.
    Diana x

  9. I love your workspace – an atelier of an artist! Thanks for commenting my piano quilt – It is being used already but there will be more quilting, I like works i progress….

  10. Welcome to WOYWW, loving your workspace and its great to see some art in the making.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  11. I love workspaces with life….yours is one of those…well used…
    As for the piece on the eisel….it shows a lot of promise….hope that you have been working on it and we will see it finished real soon….WOYWW zeffy

  12. Sorry I am so late!! This puppy is keeping me really busy!!
    I LOVE your canvases!! The one you are making looks awesome already! I know you will find the direction you need to finish it! I can’t wait to see it finished!!
    xxDaniella#83 I think?

  13. Thanks for sharing your space and joining! Your paintings look fascinating! And thanks for visiting my space!!
    Carol N #115

  14. Well that’s the thing – art evolves, and the longer you consider that painting, the more it will evolve! And don’t ever tidy up on WOYWW’s behalf..I never do!

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