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The request came from Tammy Garcia “Please join me in the campaign to give virtual hugs to our fellow creative bloggers. Link to blogs that you love to read, link to blogs that you’ve just discovered, link to blogs that are growing but not yet well known. “

and I thought it was a great idea. Although my English is a bit rusty and although I am afraid I cannot meet the requirements of an elegant conversation I want to give it a try.

Honestly it is Tammy´s fault, that I am doing all this, because she integrated me in her Daisy Yellow Group and from then on many things happened, main thing Art Journaling with everything, that sticks to it.

I love Jana´s fragile cheerfully coloured drawings which make my heart sing. And she always has many brilliant ideas concerning Mail Art. And I love her wonderful photographs, and just see for yourself!

Alison sneaked into my heart with her uncomplicated Aussie mentality and her interesting and wonderful art life. She does so many things and does them with so much enthusiasm, she just carried me away.

My first experiences I made with AJ where inspired by Roben-Marie Smith. She has such a vivid way of painting, I love it.

The quirky characters on Carla Sonheim´s Blog are just my cup of tea, like you can see in some of my pics and tags.

And now enjoy the journey!


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