Still Looking for Spring?

Spring in the city is not frolicking lambs and rabbits on a pasture. It is more a feeling, it is fresh air, a little breeze of warm wind that brings pictures of lovely fantasies. And it is the perfect time for butterflies in your stomach!! I mean love…..

At this moment I regret, that I am not able to fully express my feelings, due to a lack of vocabulary. But why not leave it to you, to express your own thoughts…

Engel in der Stadt

Spring in the City


8 Antworten zu “Still Looking for Spring?

  1. As a Dutch woman, I know what you mean by ‚lack of vocabulaire’… I encounter this „problem“ on a regular base too and it pisses me off sometimes… Your collage/image is truly wonderful and tells us what words cannot… happy ‚glue it on Tuesday‘ (on wednesday) and hug from Holland

    • Thank you all for the kind comments! Yes Marit, sometimes it makes me mad, not being able to speak like a grown up, but you are right, we can always express ourselves through our pictures. A big hug back to you!

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