The very first time

This was my very first attempt on art journaling. Just found it yesterday and thought it might be funny to post it. Im not really proud of it, because with the right material I could do better. But this one is important to me, because it is the beginning of a new aera for me. The whole, sad story you can read in my blog „How I Discovered Art Journaling“. I only had some stuff I bought in a toy store and a leaflet with some pictures. But it was so much fun, that I decided to go on with that, when I come home.

When you go back in this blog you can see how it went on.

I am a painter and mixed media artist and ages ago I did collages. And I must say, making collages is so much fun I will start again doing more of it.



11 Antworten zu “The very first time

  1. What is there not to be proud of? This is amazing for your first attempt! I love every bit of this! We are our own worst critics though. But really, you should be very proud of all your work. If I could aspire to be half the artist you are, I would be happy. 🙂

  2. You really honor me, but you are fishing for compliments, hehe, and you will get them. You are a full blood artist in so many ways. Your photographs are just unbelievable, your bookmaking, your pictures, your whole view of the world. What else can I tell you.

    • I guess we all see our own art differently. I look at mine, and I look at yours and compare (which I probably shouldn’t do) and wish I could do what you do. Perhaps you do the same with mine. I have always been negative towards my own work, so I do appreciate the lovely comments from you because I know they are honest. It wasn’t until I discovered art journaling that I realised that my artwork doesn’t have to go in the bin because I don’t like it, so I have come a long way since then too I guess.

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